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Chapter-28-"I love you Nick"

Contains mature content

Pauline June's POV

"What are you going to make me do?", I asked him as we are in the lift to go to his floor.

"That's for me to know and for you to find out", he said smirking.

"Please", I pleaded.

"No. I am not telling", he said pulling me out with him as the lift stopped. We walked to his room and he swiped a card to open the door. We both walked in. He went into the closet directly and came out without his suit. He came to me while unbuttoning his shirt. It's so hot to see his unbutton. He put his hand around me and pulled me to him.

"Nick", I whispered sucking a breathe in. He put his nose near my neck and breathed a kiss there.

"Why were you dancing with him so closely?", he asked knowing the answer to it. He sucked my skin there. I moaned. "You really need to be tamed", he whispered and suddenly pulled away. "You want to seduce me right?", he asked. I looked at him in shock.

Did I make it seem that obvious?

"Then seduce me", he said going and sitting on the bed. I just stared at him for a miunte.

"No. I dropped that plan", I lied.

"This is the thing that I am making you do for lossing the bet", he said crossing his legs and looking at me arrogantly while removing his shirt.

"But you said you will not make me do anything sexual", I pointed out.

"That was yesterday Baby girl. My decision changed today. Also, we didn't make any rules and limits of what the lost person should and should not do", he said while putting his shirt beside him.

"No. I am still not doing it", I said folding my hands near my chest.

"Why? Oh.... So you are scared", he provoked. I glared at him.

"No!", I said angrily.

"Then do it", he said. I sighed before looking at him right in the eye. I slowly walked to him in a sexy way and put my legs on either side of him as I sat in his lap. I put my hand on his chest and ran it up to his hair behind his neck and kissed his neck. I heard him take a breathe.

"You want me to seduce you? Fine then", I said pulling away and ran my hand down his chest, to his abs and to almost his private part, but stopped a little above. "Be ready", I said sensually and got up from his lap. He looked confused for a minute as to why I got up. "You don't know what you are asking for Baby", I whispered as I stood up.

I walked into the closet adding extra swing to by back and I am sure his eyes are on my back. I turned to him and winked at him before closing the closet door. I laughed to myself lightly. I went to my duffle bag and went throught my clothes to see what I should wear. Then I found the right one, that I brought here to wear and grinned.

It is so on!

Nicolas Witmore's POV

I looked at her butt as she swayed it to tease me while walking into the closet. Then she winked at me before closing the door.

"Fuck!", I cursed under my breathe.

I sat there waiting for her to come out. What is she doing inside?

Then the door opened and my ehad jerked up to first see her naked legs. My gaze slowly raised to her and my eyes went wide as I looked at what she was wearing. She slowly walked to me while running and hand through her hair, pushing it back. She came and sat on me. I just kept staring at her all the time.

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