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I sit on the steps behind the Mystic Grill for a while after everything. Unlike my prediction, the tears haven't stopped flowing even after she's gone. To avoid the crowd in the town's square, I remain seated in an attempt to get out all of these emotions earlier rather than later.

Every memory that I have ever had with Adalynn plays behind my eyes like a movie. My heart aches more and more, almost as if I've lost her for the first time all over again.

My daughter and I lived and traveled together for hundreds of years. At first, she aged normally, beautifully, but her growing started to slow around the time she hit my age. I could tell that she was still maturing, but it was at a rate so drawn out that any mere human wouldn't have noticed.

Before giving birth, I had considered myself a peacekeeper for the three main supernatural sectors: vampires, witches and werewolves. I traveled quite a bit and had watched as the world turned year after year. I was a myth to the lowlife supernaturals and a friend to almost all of the established clans, covens and packs. I had more than a few people who would retaliate against my attempts at peace, but I handled them discretely and with ease. Never once did I wish to claim global domination of the world's most powerful creatures—all I ever wanted was for the fighting to stop.

After having Adalynn, we live harmoniously amongst our fellow witches until the Gemini coven decided my immortal power was being wasted on me. I didn't exactly disagree with them, but it's not something you can just transfer over to another person. For years, they pleaded and begged for me to try to spare their destined twin offspring and perform a ceremony that would free me from the eternity. I eventually sat down with them to look over the spell, but I had already tried it years before with a coven much more powerful than theirs and it did absolutely nothing. They, of course, refused to accept this.

When the vampires and werewolves heard the coven of witches were trying to make their leader an immortal being, they threatened war upon both sides. Not wanting to topple the balance, I sent the Gemini's away and forced their attacks against me to stop. In retaliation, they performed a ritual linking me to one of their own, and since their magic was useless against me, it linked to Adalynn instead. The idea was that they would link our souls, and when their family member dies, it would kill the two of us and my natural revival would bring us both back, therefore making them immortal. To test this theory, they killed their own blood after the linking ritual. My helpless daughter had no idea she was linked until the knife wound opened in her heart. Neither one survived nor came back to life.

In my grieving, I did horrible things to their coven that I feel shame admitting to today. They were just trying to save their children, which is exactly what I would have done if it was the other way around. When I had tortured them enough, I began hiding in cities with large populations so the familiar faces of the supernatural sectors would never be able to find me again.

I found Damon in Chicago awhile later. The timeline is fuzzy as I spent most of my time an introverted drunk, but he pulled me out of that slump by focusing me on his problems instead. I was never honest with him about who I was mourning as it worried me that he might recognize my story or my name. That's why he knows me with the surname 'Carter'... it was a pretty common name at the time.

"Clara?" I look up to the top of the stairs to find Alaric staring down at me. "Damon's been calling you."

I wipe my eyes and try to clean myself up before he can see me upset up-close. I hear him come down to sit next to me, his shoulder touching mine.

"You don't have to do that." He sighs, "You can be upset if you need to be."

"You don't need to see me like this, Ric. It's not pretty."

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