Chapter Thirteen - The Darkness

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To say I am a people person is a total lie.

            So how exactly did I find myself down at the lake with my roommate, her boyfriend, Cole, Allyson, and a few other people that I've only seen but never really was introduced to until tonight?

            Claire, that's the answer.

            I remember back to this morning when she practically had to beg me to look nice and wear something other than sweats and a t-shirt that I would normally wear on days off back home. The girl was persuasive, I'll give her that. When she almost dropped some tears I knew were fake, I had to give in.

            So here I was... sitting on a rock with a drink in hand with some of the others would swim underneath the moonlit sky and the rest were sitting around talking and laughing.

            Even at my own celebration I was basically alone.

            "Hey!" Allyson came and sat down next to me. Her eyes were unnaturally gray tonight, even compared to other Minds. "You enjoying yourself?" she asked.

            I shrugged and took another sip. "I'm just not so much of a party person, I guess."

            She nodded and leaned back to watch the people screwing around in the water. "So how was your first week? Learn anything new?"

            "I guess. Nothing too crazy. I still get people staring at me all the time for no reason which is pretty annoying."

            "You're strong, Taylor," She commented. "Of course people are going to wonder about you. You're probably one of the toughest people here to have made it all the way up to level five so quickly."

            "Not like I asked them to do that," I grumbled under my breath and she looked at me with a questioning gaze.

"So how'd you get up there?" She asked suddenly and I regarded the question with confusion.


            "To level five. How'd you do it?"

            Her tone changed from just small talk to now gathering information. "I don't know, I just fought with what I have."

            "But no one has ever looked like that before. You knew what you were doing. Did you train with another person before coming here or did you just practice on your own?"

            "I didn't do anything," I mumbled. "It was just second-nature, I guess. I never even truly experimented with my powers like that until that day."

            "But you had to have some sort of training," she insisted. I noticed her eyes changing, not becoming as gray as before and almost turning a different color. I blinked once and they were back to normal. "It's nearly impossible for anyone to have done that!"

            "Why are you asking so many questions--"

            "Hey!" Cole interrupted and I've never been so thankful for someone to do so. Allyson looked a little put off before excusing herself and leaving.

            "Thanks for that," I muttered to him. "She was playing a game of twenty questions with me."

            He laughed. "She does that sometimes. She's young and wants to be better so I just give her pointers. You're new, someone she hasn't annoyed yet, so you're an easy person for her nosiness."

            "Well I hope she got enough out of me."

            His cheeky grin told me otherwise. "She'll probably ask more tomorrow. So how do you like this party?" I gave him a look and he laughed. "I figured as much. Like I've said, I know your profile pretty well. You were always home or at your friend's house."

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