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Pauline June's POV

"Now you may kiss the bride", he said and that's all it took for him to kiss me. No, this is not a kiss of passion or a kiss of hunger. This kiss is full of love. The love we have for each other. The love we share. He kissed me slowly and lovingly. His tongue slowly escaped into my mouth and I gave him the control as I put my arms around his neck as he kissed me.

Everyone cheered and clapped. We pulled away and looked at each other. I have happy tears in my eyes.

He kissed my forehead and held my face. We just stared at each other for a few minutes.

"I love you Baby girl", he said looking into my eyes.

"I love you too Nick", I said back.

After that everyone sat for a toast and everyone congratulated us. Nick held my hand all the time. Amelia squealed excitedly all the while. She is now four months preganant and Zack is taking extra care of her. The photographer's took many snaps of us. There was even some media allowed inside, but not much.

After I proposed to Nick, we took our time, not because things are fast, but we wanted to spend time with each other as the 'would be's'. It was all over the news papers. The drew a circle on my ring finger showing that we are engaged. It was so good spending time with him. We took two months time and then, now we are married. We are standing here as a couple.

"Come on, let's go", Nick said taking my hand.

"But it is our marriage. We can't just go like that", I told him as he took my hand.

"Yes, it is our marriage and we have every right to do what we want", he said pulling me with him.

"At least tell your parents that we are going", I told him as we walked past the people and they smiled at us.

"They wouldn't mind and you know my father, he will understand. So, no need to worry", he said dismissing the topic.

"You know, not to hurt your feelings, but your father is really cocky", I told him what I always think in the mind. He really is. He won't let his wife go out of his arms even for a second.

"He is. Do you my parents eloped and got married?", he asked and I looked at him in shock. Eloped and got married?

"In this eleven years of friendship, never once did you mention me that", I specified him as I stopped walking once I heard that news.

"Sorry. Now that's not the topic. I will tell you about it later. Come on Mrs. Witmore", he said pulling me with him. I grinned at the name he called me. Mrs. Witmore. I have finally become his in every way.

"Pauline!", I heard my father call and turned to look at him. He is walking towards us with a huge smile on his face. Nick's parent's also came with him. I smiled at them all.

"Dad", I said pulling hand from Nick's and went to hug him. His surgery is done. Now he is safe and healthy. Although doctors told him to be careful and he is still using some medicines. I visit at least four times in a week. He is my only family then. Now I have big family.

"My Princess is finally married. Time flies so fast. It feels like just yesterday that I held your tiny body in my arms and you held my finger with your tiny tingers, now, now you are married. You are slready holding your husband's hand today", he said with happy tears in his eyes. I have tears in my eyes too.

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