The Departed

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I'm finishing this book because you guys deserve an ending. It will only be a couple of more chapters but it will have an ending. Sorry guys. I didn't edit this so expect a lot of mistakes :/

Carter POV

She was perfect.

Her eyes, her lips, her smile. Everything about her called to my wolf. He wanted to worship the f*cking ground she walked on.

I couldn't believe that she was mine. She belonged to me. Natalie was my woman, my Luna. My wolf wanted to make her mine in all ways possible. He growled in anticipation for what was to come. I would give up my life to protect her from the Imperial Pack.

They deserved to die for what they've done to my pack. I couldn't let this feud between us go unpunished any longer. I would be the one to end that pack for good.

But right now I had other thoughts on the rogues in my territory.

They were going to pay for disrupting Drake's visit to my pack.

"Carter," Natalie said putting her tiny hand on my bicep. I looked down at her and shook my head.

"Hayden, I need you to round up all the men and prepare to leave. I want this settled quickly." I ordered in a growl. He nodded his head and prepared the men standing around to fight.

"We're coming with you. I'm not going to miss all the action. My men are ready." Drake said. He began assembling his men and giving out orders.

I was glad Drake and his pack wanted to help. This would make our numbers larger and our team stronger.

"I'm coming with you too." Natalie said beside me. "It could be my friends. I need to be there if it's them."

"No. I won't allow you to come with us. It might not be your rogue friend, James." I said irritated and emphasizing the 'friend' part. "They could be dangerous and you'll be a distraction. I can't protect you while I fight them."

My men were standing around waiting for orders to leave. I needed to leave now but Natalie was being stubborn like she always was. I didn't have time for her disobedience.

I grabbed her hips and pressed her body into my chest. Her hands flattened over my chest and my hands rested on her waist. I inhaled her scent and almost groaned. Now was not the times to be having these thoughts.

"Liam, Travis take Natalie inside the house. Don't let her leave and make sure she stays safe. I don't want a scratch on her skin or you're dead." I growled threateningly.

I looked to my men and nodded towards the trees. They all started running and the sound of clothes tearing was heard over the wind.

I looked over to my mate who was struggling to get out of my arms. I squeezed her closer to me and pressed my lips to her forehead.

She was the most important thing in my life. I wouldn't let anything happen to her. I would protect her until my very last breath.

"You're going to go with them and behave. We'll end this and I'll be back. I love you." I caressed her cheek and released her.

Liam and Travis were quick to grab Natalie and start dragging her into the house. She was kicking and screaming the whole way into the house.

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