Chapter 53

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The next four months go by in a blur. I stay at Sam's place with his family. Everyone had to accept that Max was no longer here. They held a funeral a few days later after he died and they all said positive things. Daniel cried remembering all their childhood memories and Sam broke down discussing how every time Max did a wrong thing, Sam used to take the blame. Claire couldn't speak at the funeral, she was disappointed by her son's actions. Sam's dad said a few words but kept it short and Rose stood by Daniel's side as he gave his speech but didn't say a word either.

I on the other hand felt terrible. Part of me wanted and hoped that Max had shot me. Maybe then he'd still be alive.

What had gotten into him? Why was he willing to kill his own brother for the sake of money. That brother who would of probably put his own life on line to protect Max. That brother who would of happily handed over all his hard earned money and property if Max asked for it. It didn't make sense. We never could really tell what went on in Max's mind.

I visited my dad, said my final goodbyes. He passed away a few days after I saw him. What he did to us hurt. How he just left my mum and I. We were alone, but I've forgiven him. There's no point letting him pass away in grieve and disappointment. Life goes on. I've learnt that now.

Sam started to go back to the office. I joined too. We still had that contract and every time I bought it up, Sam refused to destroy it. He kept on saying that the contract would stay and I'd continue to work for him.

Sam's parents went on a much needed holiday to Paris. They decided to stay there for a year but they rang us everyday.

Sophia found out she was pregnant and things started to become normal.

"Are you coming?" Sam asks.

I snap out of my trance. "Yes, coming."

"Okay, hurry then," he says as he stretches his hand for me.

I get out of the chair, grab my phone off the desk and run up to him placing a soft kiss on his lips as I grab his hand and walk to the car with him.

Once we get to the office, I walk over my room to notice a note on the front door.

There's a list of things to do. Eighty to be precise. I grab the note and rush into Sam's office, slamming the paper on his desk.

"Tell me this is a joke," I say.

Sam opens the first draw and takes out a document and places it on the table. "Remember this," he says as he points at the contract.

I frown. "But that was just an act."

"We still have the contract, that means you have to do everything I say."

I look at the first thing on the list. You can't be serious.

"My coffee's waiting."

Number 1: make coffee with love.

"Oh you want coffee. I'll make it with love alright. So much love, you'll end up choking on the love."

Sam laughs. "Okay not so much love, just enough for the coffee to be sweet."

I look down at number two. Spend the day with Sam in his office.

"If I spend the day with you, how can I complete the other seventy eight things on this list."

"This is for the whole week. Oh and I don't see my coffee, you better get going."

I smile. "Yes sir, I'll go get your coffee. I can't promise that there won't be poison in it."

I turn and walk downstairs to the cafeteria. I ask for three coffees. The lady looks at me. "It's not all for me," I say as I roll my eyes.

Once she gives me the coffee. I open one cup and empty the whole sugar dispenser in it. "With love, from Violet."

Grabbing the other two coffees, I take it back to my office as I walk with the overloaded in sugar, coffee cup into Sam's office.

"Here's your coffee, sir. With love."

Sam grabs the coffee and takes one sip before he spits it on his desk.

"What the hell is this?"

"Coffee, sir."

"I know that but why the hell is it so sweet?"

"It's love, sir," I try to say while attempting to keep a straight face.

"Good one, Vi."

I laugh. "That's for messing with me. I'll go get the real coffees."

I walk over into my office as Sam watches me through the glass panel as if expecting me to mess with the coffee again.

Grabbing both cups, I make my way over to his office.

"Here you go. This one's made with love too. Just not enough to kill you."

Sam smirks. "Is that so?"

"Uh huh," I say as I nod. "Unless you want it to kill you."

"No I think I'm fine," Sam says as he grabs my hand and swings me onto his lap.

"It's been a while since I've held you like this."

He grabs my coffee off my hand and places it on his desk.

He gently kisses me as I adjust my position. I kiss him back hard, forcing my tongue into his mouth. His hand reaches my thigh as I run my hand through his abs. I stand up and pull Sam up against me. Slowly walking backwards, I grab Sam by the tie and drag him with me as i unbutton his shirt. I take another step back until I fall on the couch, pulling his body over mine. Sam continues to kiss me as I take his shirt off and drop it on the floor.

The door suddenly swings open. Bridget standing with her eyes closed as she notices us.

I cringe. This is awkward.

Sam gets up. "What is it, Bridget?"

She opens her eyes again. "Sir, there is a client who's here to see you."

Sam stands there shirtless like he couldn't even care. "Tell them I'll be there in a minute."

He grabs his shirt off the floor. Bridget stays still where she is.

"What? You've never seen someone making out with their girlfriend. Nothing new here."

"Yes, sir," Bridget says as she turns and leaves quickly.

"Did you really just say that?" I ask.

"What...that I was making out with you?"

"Yea, that," I say.

He smirks. "Embarrassed?"


"Good. That's for my coffee."

I laugh. "I'll get you back, Sam."

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