Meeting the Pack

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"Are you excited about tomorrow, Luna?" I shrugged my shoulders at Travis's question.

We were currently in the living room watching a movie on tv. I woke up late this morning and Carter already left to go work on pack business. I was a little disappointed that he had to leave, but he had the responsibility to run the pack, he had to go.

Travis and Liam were assigned to watch over me for the day, even though I would appreciate to be alone. They were nice company, but a little peace and quiet wouldn't hurt for a day. I was trying to forget the whole meet the pack thing, but Travis had to bring it up.

I was undeniably nervous to meet the pack and officially be known as the Luna of the Blood Moon Pack. The title held so much responsibility that I hoped I could handle. It would be tough, but with Carter by my side, I knew I could do it.

"A little bit, but must of it is nerves. I never would of thought I would of had an Alpha as a mate." I chuckled.

"I know you'll do fine, as long as you don't trip going up the steps." He said smirking.

"Travis!" I snapped. "I'm already nervous and you're making it worse. I'm trying to keep a positive view on this and thinking of all the embarrassing stuff I could do isn't helping." Travis smirked and Liam was trying to hide his laughter by coughing.

"Look, just don't fall flat on your face and you'll be perfect. That is your Travis tip of the day." He smiled and took a drink of his water. Liam stifled a small laugh and shook his head.

"Thanks Travis, I really appreciate that awesome advice." I sarcastically replied.

I already decided what I would wear so that was out of the way. It was a white lace dress that came to my knees and had sleeves to cover my arms. A simple pair of black flats and my hair would be curled at the ends. It was overall a cute outfit that I hoped would earn the packs approval.

When the Alpha finds their mate, a huge celebration is held so the pack can meet their new Luna. It's a huge deal in all packs and every member of the pack will be there. It gives the members a chance to get to know the Luna and recognize her as the Female Alpha. In my case, they get to know me.

"Can we talk about something else? I just want to relax and forget about tomorrow." They nodded in approval and turned towards the tv.

"What do you know about that Alpha who is coming next week?" I curiously asked. They shifted their gazes to me and thought for the couple of seconds before Liam spoke up.

"Alpha Drake is a very serious Alpha. He doesn't like to joke around or treat anything lightly. He raises his pack to be strong warriors, so they can protect the pack if they got a sudden attack. Don't get me wrong, they have as much freedom as us it's just that all male members start training before they shift, at ten years old."

I was shocked about the new information I learned, Alpha Drake doesn't seem like a friendly guy to be around. His pack was undoubtedly strong and to start training at such a young age is proof that an enemy pack would be stupid to attack them.

"Ten years old seems to be a little young to me, I mean they're still children at that age. At least wait until they shift at thirteen to start the training. They need to be having fun with friends and goofing off."

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