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This story has now been published! At the moment it is available digitally through Amazon, Smashwords, Kobo, Scribd, iBooks, and Barnes and noble. The two bonus chapters that used to be on here are now included in the published version as well as the additional chapter that I wrote for the start of the story.

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*please note this story is only edited by myself. I try my best but I know there are mistakes*

I'd like to remind everyone that this is an adult romance story with mature content.

© 2013 Sandra Corton


Goodness, how did any woman resist this man? For the last time, Brianna Morgan wondered how she could tell him no. He always managed to persuade her. Whether it was as simple as being taken to dinner, or as complicated as going exploring a volcano.

Maybe just once Bree, one side of her brain tried to convince her, while the other screamed at her to get away from the man. Didn't she learn anything from Terrence? Men that were too good looking always had a nasty bite at the end.

He had seemed so nice to her over the last few days. He took her sightseeing to places that she had never thought of, and honestly couldn't afford to go anywhere near. He pampered her, taking her out for meals, while he refused to let her pay, which she was more than grateful for. He hadn't once pushed her beyond anything that she wasn't quite ready or willing to give him.

She was supposed to be here mending a broken heart. He was a fine way to go about it; her brain reminded her once again, which only made her growl internally. You're going home tomorrow why not go for it! No, she screamed in her mind. The last thing she needed was another Terrence reminder in her world.

Terrence with his flowing raven hair and stunning grey eyes. His tall, svelte body that filled out a suit nicely, and that handsome face that used to astound her. That was until the day she found him in their bed with his secretary. How insane was that? She had thought that was only something that belonged in the movies, until it happened to her.

It had destroyed her. The fact that he showed no remorse had struck her hard. When he invited her to join them she had felt horrible, and it still had her shivering with disgust. Ever since that day, nothing had gone right in her life. Now six months later, edging closer to thirty, she felt alone, stupid, broke, and depressed.

Why shouldn't she have a little fling? She was on holiday, then she would never have to see him again, and she knew that he would be so worth it. Her brain once again tried to encourage her. She just let out a groan, and put her head in her hands.

She had to admit to herself that life had started looking up when she had won this holiday. As a childcare worker, she didn't earn the greatest amount, but the love she received from the children made everything better.

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