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*1 Year Later*

I take a deep breath. I can't believe this just happened. I can't seem to wipe the smile off my face

"We did it," I say.

Sam smiles. "We definitely did."

He grabs my hand and kisses it. "I guess I can call you Mrs Anderson now."

I blush. "I like the sound of that, Mr Anderson."

Bianca runs up to me and puts her arms around me. "Oh my god! You've done it. Congratulations hun," she says. Lowering her voice to make sure Sam doesn't here the next bit she whispers "although you did steal him from me. My long time crush. But only cause you're my friend, I'll find a new crush."

I laugh. "Back off my man, B."

She laughs as she playfully punches my shoulder.

Sam grabs my hand. "Ready, Mrs Anderson."

"Ahh, it's going to take a lot of time before I get used to that."

Sam opens the limo's door for me and I slide in as he holds up my dress. I gather my dress and move over for him to get in.

Daniel pats Sam's shoulder, "best of luck, bro."

"Thanks, man."

Sam eases next to me and the driver begins to drive.

"We're married," I say.

Sam smirks. "Yes we are."

He holds my hand between his for the whole ride, not letting go even once.

When we drive past our house, I look over and then at Sam. "Aren't we going home?"

He shakes his head. "No. I've got better plans."

I smile. "Like what?"

"We need a much needed break."

The limo stops in front of the airport. "Where are we headed, Sam?"

He smirks. "Maybe if you call me hubby, I'll tell you."

I laugh. "Okay, where are we going hubby?"

He leans in to whisper in my ear. "To my private island. You've been there once, remember," he says. "Well I think we should spend a good six months there or so and just get away from everything. Like I said, we needed a break."

I blush. "I'm wearing my wedding dress though."

He smiles. "I like it. You should never take it off, but don't worry, I have a private plane so it'll be just you and I."

He grabs my hand as he helps me out of the limo. We walk right in. Security nod to Sam and let him walk right through with me.

"Sir this way," someone says.

Sam and I follow him as we get on the plane. "Wow, there's a bed and oh my god, is that a wardrobe?"

"It sure is. You can change into something comfortable."

I hug Sam. "This is perfect."

He looks me in the eye. "No, you're perfect!"

I blush but this time I don't hide it. There's no point, he's my husband now. I can blush as much as I want.

The plane begins to move as Sam signals me to sit next to him and put our belts on just till it lifts off.

I hate planes. I grab his hand for reassurance and to calm myself.


"Three months," I say staring from the balcony at the trees.

Sam wraps his arm around me as he comes from behind. "Three months we've been married."

"I love being Mrs Anderson."

"Oh yea?"

"Yea," I say.

He presses me hard as he hugs me, snuggling his head between my hair and neck.

My hands fumble as I play with the corner of my shirt. I'm nervous to tell him.

"You okay, hun?" He asks.

I nod. "Just fine."

"How long are we staying here?" I ask.

"As long as you want."

I smile. "I like it a lot here. We should come often."

"Done," he says.

I grab my tea of the table and I walk downstairs as Sam follows me. "Let's go for a swim."

Sam grabs my hand and we run towards the sand. I kick the sand a few times at Sam forcing him to duck. He reaches down and makes a ball out of the wet sand and throws it at me. It hits my thigh and then breaks into millions of tiny sand grains.

I unzip my shorts and throw them across the sand and then pull my shirt off as well until I'm standing in a mint green coloured bikini.

Sam takes off his shirt and chases me into the water.

He grabs me by the hips and swings me around. I playfully splash my hands hard against the water, forcing him to release me as he blocks his eye. He splashes water back at me. "I'll get you for that, wifey."

I smile. "Wifey?"

"I'm giving it a try."

I laugh. "I like it."

I hug him as he grabs my face and brings it closer to his lips. Firstly my lips brush softly against his but then I wrap my arms around his body as I pull him to me. I kiss his wet lips and he grabs my thigh.

A big wave comes our way and knocks us over the sand. I laugh. "What a fail!"

"Not exactly a fail," he says.

I lift an eyebrow."

He slams his lips against mine and I pause as I take a deep breath registering what just happened. I press my lips against his as I run my hand over his abs, slowly feeling the muscles. Nausea pulls in and I get up.

Sam watches me. "You okay?"

I stand up and make a run for it back for the cabin. I can hear Sam's footsteps behind me.

I push the door open and run up to the bathroom. I empty the contents of my stomach into the toilet.

Sam stares at me.

"There's something I need to tell you..."

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