Chapter Thirty Seven

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"They're starring at us."

"Not at us but at the dongo. In fact, they haven't moved the whole day."

"I'm sure they must be starving. It's almost sundown."

"Then I guess we can be helpful and bring them some food." Amaterasu said as she looked at Amiko who sat beside her. The two blue haired gaurds had kept looking at them, well, not at them but at the plate of dongo that they had just finished eating.

"Yes, I can go make some dongo while you go get some food." Amiko said walking back inside the shop leaving Amaterasu to herself.

"Guess I be going then." She mumbled standing up stretching her arms above her head walking down the road already knowing a place to he good.


"Wh-where did you go to get the food?!" Amiko said shocked to see that Amaterasu had her hands full of food.

"Well, you know me, I went to Ichiraku's but then I thought they might not feel like having ramen so I went to BBQ and before you know it, I had all of this." Amaterasu shrugged.

"Don't you think it's a bit to much?"

"Not to those two, I'm sure. They're drooling." Amaterasu said talking about the two blue haired gaurds looking at the bags filled with food as they started drooling on the ground much to their fellow guardsmen and maids displeasure.

"You're right. I guess we better give them the food now." Both Amaterasu and Akimo made their way towards the group of gaurds and maids.

"Hello." Amiko smiled at the group as Amaterasu stood behind her friend helding up her hand in greeting with the food in hand.

"Hello. Can we help you, ma'am?" The man with red hair and black eyes questioned with a raised eyebrow.

"Actually, we came to help you." Amaterasu said with a kind smile moving to Amiko's side. She raised the bags with food to him.

"We noticed how you have been here all day without leaving this spot the whole time. Akimo and I noticed how your two friends were eyeing our dongo earlier, so, we got some food for you all."

"You all must be starving. I even made you all some dongo if you want any." Akimo smiled at them.

"We can't accept this."

"What!? We're starving here!" One of the blue haired gaurds whined clutching into his grumbling stomach.

"Look, we're not taking no for an answer." Amaterasu said giving the food to the red head. He sighed and nodded.


"Yes! Let's dig in!"

"Don't forget the dongo!" Akimo smiled holding up the bag of sweets leading them inside the hotel they were standing in front of, with Amaterasu and the red haired man behind them.

"Sorry about coming onto you guys like this but she was getting worried about you and your friends not eating." Amaterasu said looking up at the red haired man.

'He's as tall as Hashirama.' Amaterasu thought as she stood by the door with the man standing next to her.

"We can pay you back for the food, ma'am."

"You don't have too, really! I'm just happy we gave you the food because your friends seem to be eating most of the dongo." Amaterasu smiled nervously at the site of the two blue haired ate the sweets in a hurry. The man let out a sigh at the site of his guardsmen.

"This dongo is really great! Thank you so much!"

"Yeah! Both of you are angels!"

"If you like the sweets try the ramen! It's the best!" Amaterasu said with a smile.


"She right! She and a few others eat there. They practically live off the ramen from Ichiraku's."

"You can't blame me for it, Akimo. It's the best!"


"Gah! That was great!"

"Yes, thank you so much lovely angels."

"Your welcome. I'm glad you all loved the food." Akimo smiled, her hands together.

"Don't worry about it. If you are hungry get some good Akimo-chan will start to worry again. She worries about every one." Amaterasu said with a grin as Akimo blushed at what her friend said.

"Ama-san!" Said woman held her hands up in surrender at her blushing friend.

"We are in your debt." The man with red hair said as he slightly bowed his head.

"I told you you don't owe us anything. We're just helping you out. Besides, that snot nosed princess shouldn't let you all starved like that." The man lips twitched going unnoticed but not by Amaterasu.

"That's still our princess, miss." The shaggy oranged haired man said narrowing his eyes at Amaterasu who just gave him a bored look.

"Royalty or not, she shouldn't have left you all to starve. She shouldn't abuse her position as a princess like she does. I can tell when I first met her she will do anything to have her way." The two maids looked at their hands that were on their laps.

"How would you know this kind of infomation?"

"I'm a sensor type ninja, I could tell by just looking at her she doesn't like to be told no. Beside, what kind of shinobi would I be to not have noticed that look she gave me."

"You're a shinobi!? No way!"

"I never would have guessed!" Akimo giggled nodding her head.

"That's Ama-san for you. She's different from the others of her clan, just like her cousin."

"Hey! Don't compare me to my idiot of a cousin, Akimo-chan! That's just plain mean." Amaterasu pouted looking at her giggling friend.

"Clan? What clan are you from and who are you? What is your position in this village?"

"I'm Amaterasu Uchiha. I'm in ANBU Black Ops." Amaterasu said with a sweet smile.

"She's also the second Hokages, lord Tobirama's fiancé."


"Girlfriend! I'm his girlfriend, Akimo-chan!" Amaterasu yelled at the laughing girl with a light shade of red on her cheeks.

"Not from the ring. It gives off the wrong impression to people, Ama-san."

"That idiot Senju placed it on that finger!"

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