Chapter 50

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"So are we going to continue with the plan?"

I stare out of the window as I halted to see if there was anybody on the fields.

"Winter?" Talon said next to me.

"Yes, we will but first find a way we can secure those elements. I want them first before we do anything drastic." I said staring at the empty, green fields.

I could feel Talon staring at me from the side, he tends to do that a lot more than he realises I notice him. I turn back and start walking with him beside me along the hallway before we reach a hall. I heard talking so I turn to face the source.

My heart stops for a bit, I don't understand this tightness in my chest nor the itching feeling to drink water. Is this what such human emotions feel like? It explains a lot why they act the way they do.

I see Talon talking to Fay who was smiling at him. Even though Fay is back to normal, I can't seem to get rid of this burning sensation in my chest. I just want to wash it away but I knew it wasn't going to go away that easily.

"Winter? Are you okay?" Talon asked beside me before looking in front.

I could tell by how tense he was that he was not happy to see Duke. I clench my fist as I felt Talon's gaze shifted to me as if to check my reaction but I didn't want anyone to see what I was feeling. It's a vicious feeling, jealousy is such a human thing and I shouldn't be thinking about it.

"Winter, let's go," Talon said before taking my hand and turning the other direction.

I silently follow him down the hallway we had just come from, feeling like someone was inside my heart pounding against my chest. What a selfish emotion or am I being the selfish one?

"Winter?" I hear Duke called out behind me causing Talon to tense up.

I slowly turn to see Duke standing there wide-eyed with Fay next to him, standing quietly as if she was unsure how to act. If I was her, I wouldn't know either. To see someone that you cherish as a friend or as a crush find someone they have a keen interest on with another potential lover. It's probably hard to act in such a situation.

I see Duke's gaze shifted to me and Talon's hands which Talon was still holding. I can feel the heat that started to generate in him which is being released into the surroundings. His fist clenches and unclench.

"Duke," I whispered causing him to quickly look at me before walking away.

Fay stood there unsure of whether to follow Duke or stay where she was but I didn't, I ran after him.

"Duke! Wait!" I shouted as he turned the corner.

I run after him and turn the corner but he had disappeared into nowhere. I grip onto the corner of the wall and started to pant before falling onto my knees.

"Winter!" I heard Talon approaching me but all I could do is stare into the cold empty hallway.

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