Chapter Sixteen - The New Instructor

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I was woken up by my bed flipping over, making me fall to the ground with a groan. When I sat up I found Sophia casually standing in our doorway.

"What the hell was that for?" I asked angrily while rubbing at my side that had hit my nightstand.

"Galen wants a meeting and called upon me to rally the troops. Get dressed in your work out attire and come on," She said while turning around and walking out, closing the door with telekinesis on her way out.

Claire was now awake, sitting up and rubbing at her eyes before spotting me with a mattress on top of my body.

"Was that Cole?" she asked, her voice groggy and still filled with the sound of sleep.

"Sophia," I grumbled and threw the mattress against the wall. Instead of going back to sleep like I so wanted to, I did as was asked of me and quickly changed and got ready before heading out to where Galen's office was.

The sun was just barely rising now so the entire campus was most likely still asleep. Once I got to the building, the doors opened before I could grab the handles myself and I took a spot next to Alex. There was only four of us here: Galen, Alex, myself, and Leona who looked like she woke up with a smile. I mean, really. Who wakes up at this time and already looks like they've been awake for hours?

It didn't take long for all the others to show up as well and Galen address us all. "You will no longer be training with your levels. You five will all get one-on-one sessions with the best of your ability at SA. You will still join your peers in the arena, but please do not go too hard on everyone. They will all feel it is unfair that you'll still be participating, but you need that experience in order to grow."

She paused and opened the double doors leading into her office to allow for several people whom I have seen during various classes or trainings. They all stood along the wall and Galen nodded at them in approval. She began naming off all of us and the instructor that we would now be working with. All was well until she got to me.

"Taylor, you'll be working with Sophia."

"What?!" I almost yelled before thinking. Galen's second in command, and now my personal trainer as well, didn't look quite as happy to be put with me either.

"Yes, Taylor," Galen eyed me. "Sophia is now whom you'll be reporting to."

I slumped in my chair and I saw Cole smirk at me from across the table. I glared at him and the boy had the audacity to hold back a chuckle.

Galen continued on as if nothing was wrong. "There is a classroom set aside for you five. There, you'll be learning much more advanced techniques and testing them out. After class, you'll still have lunch then have either training with your instructors or arena fights. You'll be both separated from the rest of the Supernaturals here and joined up. Expect a lot of angry and worried people coming up to you all in the upcoming days. This is news to all of us, so just stick it out until the shock of it all goes away."

I scoffed, "Like that'll happen..." I muttered under my breath, knowing that I've heard those words plenty of times before only for them to all become lies and my name be on everyone's lips in story after story.

The meeting was adjourned and we were all immediately taken into the empty classroom specifically for the Big Six. The day for everyone else wouldn't be starting for another hour, so the entire campus was empty.

The room was just as big and stocked as the other ones I've been in and our individual instructors immediately took us all away from one another. Sophia looked as grumpy as ever and squared me up as soon as we got our own spot.

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