Chapter Ten: Blood and Guts

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Hi everyone, here is chapter ten. Sorry if it is short but I had to cut it two because it was going to be too long. But thanks to this, I’m almost done with chapter eleven and will be posting it soon. This chapter is dedicated to susanz who always leave me encouraging comments and somebody else at home. Yeah you know who you are. If it was up to you I would write and post all day like some robot. LMAO.



Everyone in the living room stood silent not believe what Primula had just said. I could feel the tension coming from the alphas and I knew it would be just a matter of time before they lose it. And I was right, before long everyone was yelling trying to talk over each other and be heard.

I was still sitting down on the loveseat absorbed in my thoughts. I was so confuse; I felt empty and alone. I couldn’t explain the feeling if I wanted. My wolf too was feeling it. The dull and gaping hole in my heart left me feeling cold and hollow. I gripped my head trying to stop the hysterical sob that was forcing its way to the surface.

I couldn’t cry in front all those people; not in front the alphas, my father, uncles and the pack. I was their soon to be alpha and I couldn’t show weakness. I had to be strong if I really wanted my mate back but first we needed to find out what happened yesterday. What Primula said didn’t make any sense. How could we be the ones that attacked each other?

“Enough!” I was snapped from my thoughts when a loud and powerful voice pierced the chaotic room. I turned to see uncle Michelangelo exuding power as he stood up to get everyone’s attention. He was wearing black pants made from thick leather with black leather boots. The shirt he was wearing was also made from the same material; it had long sleeve with all its bottoms open showing his muscles.

“Let’s go to the meeting hall to discuss this further.” Nobody dared to defied him as all the alphas, their betas, my father, uncles, Dean and I walked behind him to the large and spatial room we used for gathering like this. The entire 9th floor of our pack house was reserved for alphas from other packs when they came to visit so the conference room was conveniently on the same floor as well. We skipped the elevator and race upstairs using our werewolf speed. I was guessing everyone wanted to be there as fast as possible.

Within a minute we were all sitting in chairs while uncle Michelangelo and father stood at the podium. But before they could say anything the door was banged opened as a Darius, one of the diplomat of our pack barged in looking around frantically. All eyes turned on him waiting for whatever he had to say.

“I have a message for alpha Ria, alpha Zoro and alpha Jah. There was an attack on your packs, but luckily nobody got killed although quite a few werewolves were left in critical condition.”

“WHAT!” The three alphas in question demanded.  Before they could say anything else a small figure materialize at the podium taking everyone's attention. It was Aurora, a member of the council.

He was petit, very small for a werewolf, about 5’5; he was as old as uncle Michelangelo but he didn’t look it at all. He had long white hair flowing to the ground and a skin as pure as milk with the strangest eyes. He had two colors in his eyes. It was unlike uncle Ari who had different color in each eyes, no in Aurora’s eyes were the strangest shade of brown I had ever seen and seaweed green. These two colors were not mix, but divided horizontally with the pupil in the middle. 

He wore white leather pants, long fitting leather coat with nothing underneath showing his rock hard abs. Rumor says he was mated to uncle Michelangelo although they have never confirm or deny it but judging from how close I’ve seen them together, it must be true.     

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