Chapter Eleven: If Sorry Could Fix Everything

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Hi readers, here’s chapter eleven. I just realize something. There always seemed to be audience around Primula now. Darn werewolves, I miss the days when it was just she and Primrose. I need to get rid of them soon because it’s a pain to write about large groups. I like this chapter very much. It contains an interesting moment between Primula and… dare I say it? Jebidiah!

 Anyway read and tell me what you think.



We all held our breaths watching what would unfold next. I heard Primula sighed in… annoyance? She looked up and spoke with no emotion in her voice.

 “Put her down.” I furrowed my eyebrow not knowing who or what she was talking to. But I received the shock of my life when a sinister and evil voice spoke. I’m sure everyone heard it judging from the selective gasped coming from the gathered crowd.

 “Don’t you want her dead? I will be doing you a favor.” My head hurt from the malice coming from the voice. I watched Primula curious as to what she would say next.

 But she didn’t. she only gazed at whatever thing she was seeing that own the evil voice with the same look of disinterest.The thing seemed to be getting annoyed at her lack of response because the viciousness and malice in its voice grew tenfold.

 “Let’s work together; I will give you what you want.” Although the words coming from this invisible evil mouth sounded friendly, the tone of its voice showed how hateful and diabolical it was.

 “And what do I want?” Primula asked raising her brow.

 “You want them all dead for all the pain they caused you.” It sounded excited to be offering her something. I felt fear took over me for a second thinking that after everything we put her through, this voice offer sounded good. But she was not wavering.

 “Wrong, everything I want is dead,” she said coldly.

 “I can bring them back for you!”

 “Why would I wake someone from their peaceful slumber to live in this hellhole?” she said sounding bore and done with the conversation.

 “Well then die with…

 “Drop her!” she interrupted the evil voice. Primula waited for a minute and lifted her hands towards my dangling mother who was now very hysterical.

 Blue light flash from her hands and a blood screeching cry filled the air causing all the werewolves to cover their ears; we had sensitive hearing. My mother was dropped like a sack of rice. My mother drawled back from Primula crawling on her hands.

 My father race towards her and I followed behind stopping in front of Primula who seemed to be more interested in the golden sun that was setting, casting a soft glow over the horizon.

 I looked at her and force the words out of my mouth hoping she would respond to me.

 “Thank you!” She looked back at me twisting her head to the side in confusion. My father stood up with his wife in his arms facing Primula as well.

 “Yes thank you. I don’t know what you did, but you save your Luna.” My father smiled at her. She snapped her gaze at him and grimaced but she only shrugged.

 “Can you tell me what you saw?” father added probably feeling confident she would answer his question since she saved my mother.

 “What is this time of day call?” Father sighed in exasperation at her dismissal of his questions.

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