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H a r r y.

He sat in his office again. It seemed to be the only peace he could get. Bay was constantly try to talk to him and being touchy. He was upset with himself more than he was with her. She knew he was hurt and he didn't want to let her see him like this. Ever.

He kept imagining the two kissing or doing other things Bay was forbid to do. He was melting his own brain with these thoughts. He could barely manage work, manage life. Everything was going to crap.

Bay enters without knocking. Harry's face flushes red as continues staring at the screen of the computer, ignoring Bay's presence behind him.

He feels a small hand on his shoulder. "Daddy, it's late. I think you come to bed," she says quietly.

"Did you knock?"


"Did see the sign on the door?"

"I-- Of course--"

"Go to your room. Don't come back unless you're told to. Do you understand?" He asks. He never looks her way. He only stares at the business on his computer.

She steps into his peripheral vision. "Harry, are you oka--"

"I said go to bed, Bay!" He barks loudly.

She takes a few steps back, nodding for only a quick second and then she's out the door. He sighs to himself, rubbing his temples. His temper was thin and anyone that had encountered him in the past few days knew it was like walking on eggshells.


B a y.

She didn't know if Harry was still upset with her. She also thought maybe his work came to play in this mess. Normally, he would punish her for entering when she knew not to. Punish her for not following his commands, dragging on the conversation he clearly didn't want to have.

She would much rather have him punishing her than ignoring her. This was probably the worst punishment of all and he didn't even mean for it to be. Every time she was ignored or neglected it would hurt just a little bit more in her chest. He hadn't slept in the same bed with her in four nights. She couldn't sleep and it killed her to think that he could without her.

She disobeys again. She makes her way to Harry's room, stripping off into nothing but her underwear and Harry's tee. Her small hands tug and the comforter until it's pulled back enough that she can climb in. In no time, she's fast asleep in Harry's bed.


H a r r y.

He had finally finished up the last of his work. He sighs, shutting off his computer. As he stands, he stretches and yawns. He's praying that he'll sleep better tonight because his new found lack of sleep was killing him. He had tomorrow off so maybe he could just sleep all day to make up for it.

He enters his bedroom, only to find bay laying right in the middle of his bed. He sighs to himself. She doesn't deserve to sleep with him. She doesn't deserve to sleep in his bed either. I deserve it, though, he thought to himself.

He grabs a few blankets and a pillow before hauling it downstairs and into the living room. He makes himself a nice little bed on their couch because he just knew that if he went into Bay's room she'd make her way there in the middle of the night.

Sighing, he makes himself comfortable on the sectional. Though, sleep took a long time to find him.


The next morning Harry woke up flat on his back. Bay's small body straddles him, her hands on his chest. "Finally," she sighs happily. She smiles down at him joyously.

"Bay," he rasps quietly. He groans lazily, wanting nothing more than to roll over on his side. Her body holds him in place. "I'm sleepy," he whines.

She smiles, "Wake up, sleepyhead. I want us to spend the day together."

"As great as that sounds," he begins with a very sarcastic tone. "I'd much rather sleep."


He rolls over onto his stomach quickly. She shifts, clinging onto him so she doesn't fall. She sits on his backside now. "I'm sleeping. I haven't slept in ages. Leave me alone," he grumbles.

She doesn't reply, rubbing his back soothingly. That only made her mind wander. Maybe he couldn't sleep without her either. He'd never admit it, though. She suddenly felt the guilt start seeping in again. She was tired of feeling guilty. She just wanted to make it up to him already.

He sits up quickly, knocking her onto the now empty couch. "Whatever, I'm up," he mumbles.

She smiles standing up quickly. She takes his hand happily, leading him up the stairs. He holds his back like it was hurting, probably from the couch. She leads him into their main restroom, turning on the shower to let it warm.

"Together?" He asks.

Her smile falters slightly. "I thought since we hadn't in a while..." She replies, looking away from him. "I want you to shampoo my hair again. You always do it so well," she explains. He sighs, stripping his clothes off. She tries not to seem too happy as she does the same.

They climb in together. Bay wets her hair first, handing Harry the shampoo. She washes her body as he applies and scrubs the shampoo in her hair. It felt so nice to have him touching her again. In anyway, really.

She begins rinsing, eyes never leaving Harry's tall figure. He wasn't a bit insecure about his body. He didn't mind her roaming eyes because he knew. She sighs quietly once her hair is rinsed, letting Harry wash his own. Her eyes never leave his body unless it's to meet his eyes. She missed everything. She was going to get things back to the way they used to be. Whatever it took.


PILLOW TALK WAS SO FOOKING GOOD. I STAYED UP TIL LIKE FOUR SOMETHING LISTENUNG TO UT ON REPEAT. ILHSM OMG IM CRYING BUt seriously I don't like Gigi. I don't think they're cute and all I think about is Perrie watching the video and crying and ugh. He deserves better. I don't know I just don't like her.

On the other hand, pillow talk was so fucking great I should have the new story up soon. Just listening to the song gave me a ton of ideas. I'm listening to it right now tbh.


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