Chapter Forty

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'Idiot. Idiot. Idiot.'

Amaterasu thought as she lightly bagged her head against the wall in her room as she sat on her bed. It has been three in a half weeks after the incident with Kiyoko and Tobirama. Then two weeks ago Kiyoko's older brother finally arivved at the village and stayed over night letting his gaurds rest the whole day before leaving the next day.

Teruo Tanaka, Kiyoko's older brother was shown around the village by none other then Amaterasu herself. She of course have an argument with Tsunade about it but made her a deal: Show Teruo around the village and Tsunade will pay for her lunch for a week. Being Amaterasu, she couldn't say no to a free meal.

She showed him around the whole village and stopped to have some dongo. Amiko greeted the both of them with a smile before going back to work. Amiko watched her friend the whole time she was there with Teruo.

Like any friend she was worried about Amaterasu. She had hardly ate the sweets that sat in front of her, she would just talk to the man sitting across from her. Amiko knew what happened, Amaterasu had ran into her Akimo's house after the incident. Akimo hoped her dear friend will get through this ordeal soon. She missed her smiling and cheerful friend dearly.

The next day Teruo and Kiyoko were ready to leave. Tsunade and a few others said their farewells to the two siblings but mostly to the prince. Amaterasu was there with a now seven year old Kohaku, seeing the prince helping his guards with the luggage but left it to them once he saw the Uchiha woman. They both talked to one another after Kohaku introduced herself before running off to Tobirama who was secretly watching the pair.

He didn't like it one bit. He didn't like seeing her talk to another men, especially to the older brother of the princess that caused him and Amaterasu to brake the engagement and just a day after he proposed to her and made love to the woman he loves. He was scared, worried even, that she would run off with the prince but he knew better then to accuse her of this. Amaterasu wouldn't leave the village and hopefully not him.

He was proven right. She didn't leave the village. She couldn't.

Amaterasu was shocked to hear that the prince wanted her to come with him. She had to admit Teruo is quite handsome but he wasn't what she wanted. He had brown hair instead of white. He had brown eyes instead of red. She wanted Tobirama. Her lord. Her idiot and silly Senju of a man. She wanted her Hokage. Not a prince. So she turned the offer down but thanked him for cheering her up.

Teruo understood why she turned his offer. The whole day yesterday he noticed she was upset the whole time showing him around the village. When they stopped at a dongo shop which Akimo greeted Amaterasu with a smile but it faltered slightly when she saw him sitting across from Amaterasu when she placed two plates of sweets on the table before leaving their table.

He figured it was jealousy but he was wrong about that when Amaterasu said that her friend, Akimo, had just started dating her older cousin Itachi Uchiha. Amaterasu had told him that her friend was worried about her after her sudden brake up with her boyfriend. Teruo asked if it was someone from her clan seeing as the Uchiha only marry inside the clan but she shot that down when she said it was the second Hokage, Tobirama Senju.

He was shocked. Completely shocked that they had been dating. She also told him they were engaged just the night before she broke it off. He was curious so he asked the question that was on his mind: why did you brake it off so quickly? She sighed and said she saw Kiyoko on top of him, kissing her fiancé. He could tell Amaterasu was depressed about it and decided to bring her spirts back up. After a few hours of playing cards with him and his guards she won almost all the money they had on them. She was laughing, smiling, she was enjoying herself and he was happy he put that smile on her face where it belongs.

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