Chapter Forty One

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Amaterasu, Naruto and her team had ran out the front gates after getting their weapons from their homes.

"Alright, we're pretty close now. The chakra sorces are up ahead. Stay hidden in the tree line but also out view so the enemy won't notice us. Understand?"



Amaterasu squatted down on top of a thick tree branch, her left hand placed on the base of the tree. She looked around the area with her Sharingan. She no one other then Naruto and Gensei hiding in a tree like herself on the other side of the road. Junso was on the other side of the tree as Miroku was on the ground hiding behind the same tree.

"Mask your chakra and I mean mask it good. We don't need the enemy to know where we're hiding." Amaterasu said into a headset.


She hummed when she didn't feel their chakra anymore. Not even a flicker of chakra was scenced from them. They didn't have to wait long before they saw four silhouettes running down the road towards the village. Amaterasu noticed how all four of them are male wearing the leaf headband.

"Ama-chan, I know them! Let's go!" Naruto said before jumping out the tree landing in front of the four males making them come to a stop. Amaterasu sighed.

"Gensei, Junso and Miroku. Stay where you are until I signal you to come out."

"Hai." She jumped out of the treeline and onto the road walking towards the group of men.

"Are they the ones you senced earlier, Ama-chan?" Naruto asked the woman as she walked over to the group.

"Yeah, they're the ones I senced." She raised her hand in the air and her three students appeared at her side looking at the four newly arrived men.

"Are any of you injured?"

"Who are you?"


"It's fine. I'm Amaterasu Uchiha and from what I heard you are Neji and a Hyuga."

"The Uchiha clan is dead. Sasuke Uchiha is the last known surrvivor."

"You know my baby cousin, huh? Everything has changed since you last been here kid. Even I'm getting the use to life in the village."

"You've been here for half a year, Ama-sensei."

"Seven months doesn't count, well, not to me at least. Now are any of you hurt?"

"Sensei!" Turning around to see two men walking out the from behind the treeline arguing about something. What caught Amaterasu's attention was that they were both wearing black cloaks with red clouds.

"Th-that can't be... We took care of them. How can they be alive now?"

"There's a question that still hasn't been answered: why wasn't I able to sence them up until now?"

"Maybe it's because of your pregnancy, sensei."

"Maybe but I don't like the look of them. We have to get back to the village now."

"Well if it isn't that damn fox brat. Oh, and it's the fucking sensei I killed. You even brought three brats and a bitch with you."

"Oh boy."

"You've done it now, old man."

"You fucking little brat! I'm not old, damn it!"

"A-Ama-chan?" Naruto looked at the raven haired woman to see she was shaking with anger, her bangs casting a shadow over her eyes.

"A bitch you say?" Amaterasu mumbled. A smirk played on her lips looking up at the man her Sharingan blazing red.

"I'll show you one you fucking prick!"

"Sharingan? But how?"

"Only a Uchiha can obtain the Sharingan."

"I am an Uchiha. I'm Amaterasu Uchiha." She glared at the man with slicked back hair.

"That's enough. I'll deal with them, Amaterasu." Itachi said placing a hand on her head making her jump in surprise.

"Itachi? B-but how?"

"Ama, get back to the village now. I don't want you fighting. Not in your condition."

"Hn. It's not my fault this pregnancy is messing with me not sencing chakra but I can still fight!"

"Others are on their way as we speak. Go back to the village, he's waiting for you." Her eyes widen at this information.

"Damn it. You better come back, Itachi." Amaterasu turned around nodding to her students Naruto and the four men. They ran down the road towards the village. Five minutes later Amaterasu ran past Shisui, Kakashi, Tenzo. Minato was right behind them.

"Thank you for listening, Ama-chan." Minato said when ran towards her. She came to a stop waving Naruto and the others off as they continued running twords the village gates.

"Yeah, if it wasn't for Itachi I would've been fighting with that damn bastard. I'll kill him." Minato shakes head head with a smile ruffling her hair making her roll her eyes moving his hand away from her.

"Go now, he's waiting for you."

"Okay. Did Kushina say anything about my pregnancy yet?"

"I'm sure she did once I left." Amaterasu sighed.

"I'm going to get an ear full from aunt Mikoto. I just know it."

"I'm sure it will be fine." With that being said he left Amaterasu to herself. She left soon after and arrived at the village in less then ten minutes. She smiled at everyone that came to greet her back.

"Ama!" She saw her aunt stomp over to her once she stepped foot through the gate.

"A-aunt mi-Mikoto!? Wha-what are you doing here?"

"Why didn't you tell me you were pregnant!?" Amaterasu went behind Sasuke who was there to greet her. He looked between her and his mother feeling helpless.


"It slipped out, you know!" The red haired woman smiled nervously while rubbing the back of her head.

"That's a lie."

"Got you!" Mikoto smiled as she pulled the mother to be into a tight hug.

"Come on! What's with people today hugging me out of nowhere, huh?" Amaterasu let out a sigh but hugged her aunt back.

"We have to celabrate." Mikoto said pulling back looking her neice that has grown into a woman before her eyes.

"Ah! That right! I left my ramen at Ichiraku's!"

"Your going to eat health from now on until you give birth young lady."

"Eh? That's not fair at all."

"Yes it is."

"Fine but I better get these four to the hospital and let lady Tsunade and the others know about what happened."

"Don't worry about that Ama-chan. Sasuke and I can take them over to see Sakura-chan."

"Okay but make sure they aren't seen by anyone. I mean it. Boys, you'll be going with them while I report to the Hokages."

"Leave it to us sensei."

"Hn. Scatter." They all left leaving Kushina and Mikoto standing at the gate to wait for their loved ones.

"She's going to be a good mother."

"Yup. I can't wait until the little bundle of joy is born." They both giggled as they continued to talk about Amaterasu's unborn child.

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