Chapter Forty Three

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Two Years Later

"Mom, I'm heading out now!" A nine year old Kohaku yelled putting on her shoes.

"Be careful, Haku! Be back for dinner!"

"I will! See you later Kawarama. Itama. Bye, mom." Kohaku walked out the door closing it behind her. Amaterasu sat in the kitchen table feeding her two year old twin boys Kawarama and Itama.

"That sister of yours is active now. She hardly stays home for more then an hour."

"Mama!" Kawarama smiled.

"Haku!" Itama said grabbing the spoon Amaterasu was using to feed them.

"You won't leave mommy like you sister will you?"



"Good because I'm not letting you go my two little men. Your staying with mommy forever." She smiled as her twins laughed.

Amaterasu was now twenty-two years old, her hair now cut short a little above her shoulders. She traded in her weapons and ninja attire in for a life of a housewife and a blue sleeveless, knee length dress. She is no longer an Uchiha but a Senju. Amaterasu Senju, married to the second Hokage, Tobirama Senju and had twin boys.

Kawarama Senju was born first by a minute and twenty-five seconds. Kawarama has blackish- brown hair hair and black eyes.

Itama Senju was born after his brother. He has two-toned hair, one side with black the other side being white with Amaterasu black eyes with a hint of blue in them.

Amaterasu was in labor for twenty-four hours before given birth to her two sons. She let Tobirama name their sons to which he named them after his and Hashirama's little brothers since they looked so much alike to their deceased uncles. Hashirama, Kohaku and Tsunade were the first to meet the new addition to the Senju clan. It wasn't everyday you see the first Hokage, the God of Shinobi, Hashirama Senju cry as he held his nephew Kawarama while Tsunade held her cousin Itama. The Senju clan just grew by two.

After reveling that they were engaged they took it apon themselves to have a small wedding. The other four Kages and a few others had came and witnessed the whole thing. The wedding was held on top of the the mountain of the Hokages faces. The wedding reception was held at the Uchiha compound near the lake. Everything was simple yet beautiful. Two weeks later Tsunade stepped down from being Hokage giving the title to Kakashi who wasn't that thrilled but took the job. Now Kakashi Hatake is the sixth Hokage.

"I wonder how Naruto is with his Hokage training.. What do you two think about uncle Naruto, Hm?"



"Yes, yes, I swear that boy. He spoils the both of you too much, you know." She said as she started cleaning up the two boys who thought it was a good idea to play with their food.

"You two made a big mess, you know." They just giggled trying to get her to pick them up.

"There! Nice and clean." Amaterasu said with a smile. She looked at the clock that was on the wal to see it was one o'clock in the afternoon.

"It's time for your nap Kawa, Ita." Making a clone both Amaterasu and her clone picked up one of the boys heading upstairs to her room. Like always it didn't take long for her two boys to fall asleep and placed them in their cribs before canceling her clone. Amaterasu went straight to her bed and laid down underneath the blankets falling asleep.

Two Hours Later

Amaterasu woke up from her nap. Sitting up she saw that both Kawarama and Itama weren't in their cribs. Getting out of bed she senced Tobirama's chakra downstairs along with a few others. Making her way out the room downstairs only to see her husband, Itachi, Kisame, Deidara and Sasori. Kawarama and Itama were playing with Kisame and Deidara.

"Those better not be explosioves, Deidei." Deidara looked up along with the others.

"Hey, Ama-chan. Their not explosioves. That's in my other pouch back at the hotel, un." He grinned at the woman.

"Idiot." Deidara frowned as he remembered that Amaterasu would wake up a bit moody until she eats something.

"There's ramen in the kitchen, Ama." Itachi said looking up at his cousin.

"Okay.." She mumbled before yawning walking into the kitchen heating up her food. Sitting down at the table she ate her food when both her sons ran into the room towards her giggling as Kisame was behind them.


"Fishy!" Amaterasu went into a coughing fit when Itama called Kisame a fish. Wouldn't Zabuza kill to have been there.

"Be quite." Kisame patter her on the back.

"Dear Kami, if only Zabuza was here."

"Zaza!" Kawarama and Itama ran around the table making Kisame chuckle at the twins.

"That's enough you two." Kisame said catching the boys in his arms making them scream laughing reaching out for their mother as they went back to the living room. Tobirama walked into the kitchen kneeling besides his raven haired wife. Amaterasu sat back in the chair running her hand through her short hair.

"What is it?"

"I'm pregnant, Tobirama." Amaterasu smiled at her red eyed husband. Tobirama stood up grabbing her hand pulling her up into his arms and kissed her. Amaterasu smiled into the kiss before pulling away.

"What's going on here?" They turned seeing Shisui and Naruto carrying the twins.

"I'm pregnant!"

"This time name him after me!"

"No way!"

"Your so mean, Ama-chan!"

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