Chapter Forty Four

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Nine Years Later

"Mom! I brought dongo that aunt Mikoto and Akimo made!" Kohaku yelled walking into her parents house. Kohaku Senju a now eighteen year old married a few months ago to her boyfriend, Takao Uchiha, of four years.

"Haku!" Two ten year old Kawarama and Itama ran down the stairs into the kitchen hugging their blond haired sister.

"Hey, you two. Where's the others?" Kohaku asked her brothers.

"Reiden, Tadashi and Hiroshi are outside in the backyard. Mom is upstairs with Sen." Itama said.

"And dad? Where is he?"

"Dad is with uncle Naruto making sure he doesn't slack off on his Hokage duties." Kawarama said crossing his arms over his chest.

Naruto has finally made his dream of being Hokage a reality he even married Hinata and had two kids named Boruto and Himawari Uzumaki. Boruto looked and acted so much like his father when he was in the academy while Himawari took after Hinata from the color of her hair to her eyes.

"Alright, I heard you both did well in the academy today. Iruka-sensei told me you hit all the targets."

"We sure did!"

"That's great you two." She said ruffling their hair.

"Haku!" In came the Senju triplets. Reiden Senju the oldest by two minutes. Tadashi Senju the middle child and Hiroshi Senju the third born. All the triplets are eight years old and mostly took after their mother with their black hair and onyx eyes. So far Reiden and Tadashi were the only ones that got the Sharingan.

"Hey, Kohaku. Where's that damn husband of yours, huh?" A pregnant Amaterasu walked downstairs holding her seven year old son Sen Senju hand. Sen looked just like his father to the shaggy white hair, red eyes and the serious look on his face. Even Hashirama said Sen was just like his father back in the warring era but Sen was very protective of his mother.

"Takao is on a two week long mission, mother."

"Lie. He's just to scared to step foot into this house because of your father. That idiot Senju."

"It's more you instead of dad, mom."

"So he's scared of me, huh? That's good to know." Amaterasu laughed while rubbing her swollen stomach.

"Still nothing huh?" Amaterasu shooked her head sitting down on the couch in the living room as she started eating her dongo.

"My due date was two days ago. Your dad and I tried everything. Even Shisui helped and nothing worked!"



"What are you having? You never did tell us."

"I'm not telling until I give birth."

"That's not fair you know!"

"You still can't get nothing out of me."

"So mean.." Kohaku mumbled sitting across her mother.

"What was that?"

"N-nothing mother."

"That's what I thought. Just because your eighteen and I'm pregnant doesn't mean I won't kick your butt young lady."

"Your still in high spirits for a woman who was supposed to give birth two days ago." Amaterasu turned around in her seat to see Sasuke, Sakura and their daughter Sarada Uchiha.

"My little Sasu-cakes. Your so lucky I'm pregnant other wise I would've hit you for not visiting sooner. Now how's my little Sara, Hm?"

"Aunt Ama.. I'm not a little girl any more."

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