Chapter Fourteen:The Mother Ship

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Hi everyone, here’s part one of chapter fourteen. Sorry I had to cut it short because it was going to be too long. Part two will be posted soon! Enjoy.



Jebidiah POV


I was coughing and holding back tears as my throat burned from the sharp smell. I was almost confident that I would be spitting out blood anytime soon. I bowed my head afraid to look up because I knew they would be snarling at me. I was just glad to be out of the dark bleach smelling room. Shaking like a leaf- I wobbled as my head spun from the strong chemical that still lingered in my nostril making me disoriented.

I lost my balance and fell on one of them, a woman. The woman instantly threw me against the wall causing me to puke my guts out from the impact and the strong movement. The women surrounding me protested in disgust and someone cried “eat it, you filth.” I stiffened when I heard her voice and I choked with tears and vomit. I slowly lifted my head to see who spoke; it was my… mother? She crossed her arms over her chest glaring at me with hatred and a vicious smile on her face.

“Eat it!” she sneered making the other women echo after her. I looked away from her crying harder now. The vomit smelled so bad I didn’t want to eat it but if I didn’t they would beat me and put me back in that room.

My bluish green eyes landed on a boy who was clinging to mom’s shirt and gazing at me with a frown on his face. His nose wrinkled at the words coming from the women and he looked sharply away. Within seconds he looked back at me and my eyes widened when I recognized the blue and green of his orbs. It was so beautiful; the colors swirled around together creating a spectacular masterpiece I couldn’t look away from. I stared at him trying to understand where I seen him before, he looked familiar.

“Eat it you disgusting excuse for a wolf!” I felt something hit the side of my face hard and I looked away from the familiar bluish green eyes and looked back at mother. She was holding a stick with an angry looked on her face. I knew that if I didn’t eat it, she would beat me and sent me back to the room after all she was the Luna. With a defeated choking sob I gazed back at the beautiful boy standing by my mother- our eyes met again and he let go of her walking away from the scene. I swallowed my tears and turned back to the vomit…

“Hey, throw this away!” the boy with the bluish green eyes- my eyes- sneered at me. He threw a box in front of me and started walking away. I picked it up walking to the trash but my stomach growled from whatever sweet aroma coming from the box. I stopped near the trash can and opened the box and my eyes widened at the small pieces of eaten pizza inside. I didn’t get the chance to steal any food today so I was starving. I sat down on the floor and started wolfing down every little piece hoping I finished it before anyone saw me.

“Disgusting!” I heard the voice of the boy who gave me the box said.

“You were right Dean, It ate it!” I stiffened not having the strength to turn to him.

“I told you the pig would eat it Jay,” Dean answered him. I remained frozen when I heard their footsteps getting closer and closer.

“Get up,” Jay sneered. I didn’t- I couldn’t move even if I wanted because I was too afraid of what they were about to do to me. Jay got impatient and dragged me to my feet lifting me up by the throat.

“I’m going to teach you a lesson you will never forget. What should we do with her Dean?” he smiled with an excited glint in his eyes turning to Dean.

“Let’s do something that would leave a mark. It will teach her a lesson about stealing people left over even if its trash!” Dean answered with the same excitement. Jay looked around still holding my throat.

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