Meeting Bay (Valentine's Day special even tho it's a month late)

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Hi. I'm sorry. This is my FAVORITE picture of Harry. His legs are fucking delicious. This is going to be quite a long chapter since it might be the last one. I don't know yet. I might do some other specials or something. I just want to say a huge thanks to all of you once again. I love you all so much and this story really got more credit than it deserved because I'm a crappy author tbh. I love you all. I hope you like it. 😘😘


H a r r y.

"Get out of the car," I growl, glaring down at the small, beautiful woman inside.

"Fuck you," she mutters, crossing her arms and looking straight ahead.

I close my eyes, releasing a large sigh. Don't kill her, today is not the day. "Listen, there are rules here. You're staying with me so you'll listen to me. Now, I'm on my best behavior, so if you'd kindly go into the house," I say, gesturing to the pathway leading to the house.

"I don't want to be here. This is wrong, it's not fair." She replies. There's no sort of emotion in her voice and it throws me off for a second.

I lean in closer to her. "I know this isn't exactly as you planned, but I promise if you do as I say you'll have anything and everything you want," I say in the most sincere voice I can muster in my angry state.

"Everything except my freedom," she snarks, turning to look me in the eyes.

And with that I've had enough. My moods gone to shit already and a punishment isn't fair on the first day. I reach into the car and practically drag her out, slamming the door shut. She rips away from my grip, giving me the ugliest scowl she can. It ends up looking profoundly cute but that's not enough for me. I haul her over my shoulder quickly and sprint up the walk to the house.

Once inside, I sit her down. She stands in the same spot, arms crossed, lips pout-y, and hip jutted out. I raise my eyebrows, staring her over as I remove my shoes. "Please, stay a while," I say, gesturing to her feet.

"You think this is some joke? Holding me captive, kidnapping. My freedom is a joke to you, it brings you joy?" She says in a tone that sounds slightly challenging.

"It is quite funny, though, I gave a large amount of money for you. I'm giving you the best, d'you think those other sleaze-bags would've given you a nice place to stay like this? You think they would give you anything you want? I do find it quite funny you have no freedom, because you are ungrateful."

She rolls her eyes, "You are just the same as the other 'sleaze-bags'. You have money, that's the difference."

With those few words, my blood is boiling. I don't usually go to things like that. Louis Tomlinson had talked me into going because he was looking for someone and to be completely honest I'm totally against the entire auction. Seeing Bay up there, scared and half naked practically ripped my heart from my chest and stomped on it. She looked so helpless and I didn't want her leaving with anyone but the best.

"I have a heart, that's the difference," I reply as calmly as possible. As I'm walking off to the kitchen, I add, "I know what you're thinking, you won't get far."

A small puff is heard just as I enter the kitchen. I have my cook prepare us a nice meal and while she's cooking, I go upstairs to my office. I sit in my chair for a good twenty minutes just thinking things over.

Had I known today would have such a twist, had I known I'd be bringing home a beautiful girl, I would've prepared better. Instead, I'm sitting around like a fool. She hates me and that's obvious, but it could be so much worse. Louis wouldn't have even put up with this charade.

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