Chapter 6

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Chapter 6

When Chase pulled up outside her favourite gourmet pizza place Brianna looked at him in surprise. It wasn't often she got to go here as it was quite expensive. Andy normally brought her for her birthday but that was about it. The glorious smells wafted out of the open store windows.  Delicious cheese with baking bread scented the air, while the blend of herbs lingered enticingly.

"Did you ask Andy?" Brianna turned to Chase with a frown as he pulled down on the ball cap on his head.

"No, I just knew this would be your favourite. We went to one like this when we were in Hawaii and you really loved it." Chase said with a smile.

Her heart warmed at his words which she had to quickly force down. She couldn't let herself be persuaded by him. She knew this thing between them couldn't last. She would have to keep hardening her heart against him no matter what. She was setting herself up for a disaster of a heart break if she didn't.

People stared at Chase as they got out of his truck and she tried not to groan. This was also something she didn't need in her life. The attention he attracted from young and old but most especially women was not something she was used to. She took in a deep breath as the waiter took them to a table.

"So what would you like Bree?" Chase asked as he looked at the cautious expression in her face.

"Just a juice please. I'll have the mozzarella sticks if you want to share. I'd also like their seafood pizza unless you want something else." She licked her lips at the thought of that yummy seafood. She glanced across the table at him to find him staring at something beyond her shoulder. "Is everything alright?" She asked him making him focus his attention back on her.

"What you want to order sounds good but I'll need more than one pizza to satisfy me." He grinned at her as the waiter returned and they both ordered what they wanted.

Chase didn't want to tell her about the ebony haired man that had been staring at her from the second they walked in. The possessive look in the man’s eyes as he blatantly watched every move Brianna made had an intense fury building within Chase. He had a feeling that this was Terrence. Chase thought he looked like nothing but a pompous arsehole.

"I love it here." Brianna murmured with a smile.

"So I'm not in trouble for making you join me then?" He asked as he leaned across the table to her.

"I didn't say that. Chase I just don't get us. Even when we were in Hawaii and I didn't even know about you - well I knew it was never going to be a for our whole lives type thing." She stated her voice firm but sad.

"What is it going to take to convince you?" He murmured as he took her hand in his.

"Like I said last night, I don't think you can convince me." Brianna didn't know what else to say. "If you'll excuse me I just need to go to the ladies."

Brianna slipped her hand from his and marched determinedly towards the bathroom. That man was just too much to deal with! Why was he choosing her?  She was so caught up in her thoughts that she never noticed the man approaching her with a smug expression on his face.

"Trying to show me up won't work Brianna." Terrence's smooth voice made her stop in place.

"Terrence, just great." She muttered under her breath. She turned to face him worried how this was going to turn out. "I don't have a clue what you're talking about." She said aloud.

She expected herself to be affected by him and his charms like always. She wasn't. For the first time she noticed his weak chin, the many grey hairs amongst the black but most especially the grim lines in his face that showed his age. She felt nothing at all except a certain amount of disgust and anger over how he had treated her.

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