You're In Labor + Important A/N

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After this will be the birthing. Okay? Okay.


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It was supposed to be a normal night. You were sitting on the couch with Steve, watching Netflix and eating popcorn. A normal Friday night...or so you thought. When you got up to go get water, you immediately felt your water break.

"Steve!" You shout from the kitchen. Steve rushes in, panic on his face. "What happened?" He asks nervously, probably from your severe mood swings from your pregnancy. When his eyes land on the floor and on the water, his eyes widen. "Time to go!" He says, picking you up with no effort and rushing out the door.


You were in the bathroom, brushing your hair. It got snarly from the night, and you were trying to untangle the last knot. After tugging and pulling  it came undone and you growl to yourself about hair. Tony laughs, reading a book from the bed. "Chill, Y/N," he says, and you roll your eyes at his attempt at humor.

You feel a pinch of pain and then water trickling down your legs.

"TONY!" You shriek, thinking your peed your pants. But then you're pregnant. The baby is coming.

"What did I do?!" Mimics Tony, and you throw your hairbrush in his direction. "THE BABY!" You yell. "ITS COMING! GET ME TO THE HOSPITAL OR SOMETHING!"

"THOR! YOU NEED TO TOW A PREGNANT WOMAN WHOS IN LABOR!" Shouts Tony, and he runs to you. "Thor will carry you to the lab, don't worry, everything will be fine!"


You guys were visiting Asgard, and while looking at Thor's photo album, you feel pain in your belly, and water running down your legs. It escalated quickly. You cry out in pain, and Loki shrieks at your condition. Thor rushes in, and sees you clutching on Loki's arm and holding your stomach in pain. Loki is screaming. "Y/N! What's wrong?" Rushes Thor. "Ah! The baby!" You manage. Thor knew what you meant. He picked you up, and Loki runs after you two to the ward.


Clint was on a mission. Of course. Plus, you were alone.


You were trying to sleep, but you couldn't. Mostly you were worried about Clint. You couldn't go, duh, you were on maternity leave. You were a little worried about the baby. The due date was a week ago. Clint said he'd be home by now, but he isn't.

You bite your lip in pain, and you feel water pooling on the mattress. You sit up like a bullet and reach over to the phone. You dial 911, and soon someone answers.

"911, what's your emergency?"

"I'm in labour, and my husband is gone, I need help, please-"

"Ma'am, calm down. It's going to be okay. What's your address?"

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