Chapter Twenty-One - The Electric

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Our destination was a house at the top of a hill. It was old, but kept up and looked like the picture perfect grandmother's home. From reading and discussing her papers the night before, Cole and I know that Mackenzie hasn't been enrolled in school yet, due to her just recently being placed with her 'foster mom' and Seeker, Valerie Watkins. It was midday and the two of us exited the car slowly, taking in our surroundings to make sure everything was safe.

"Okay," Cole said under his breath as we approached the door. "Let me do the talking. You just sit there and look pretty."

I felt myself blush as he knocked on the door. It didn't take long for footsteps to be heard and an old woman answered the door. Her face brightened when she saw us and she ushered us inside, probably immediately recognizing us as Supernaturals due to our eyes.

"Oh, good. Galen told me you two were coming and I'm so honored to meet two of the people in the Big Six."

My friend and I snuck a peek at each other. Honored? We have been berated by our peers for so long that it's weird to have someone actually thankful for us to be there. Cole held out his hand and shook hers before she did the same to me. "I'm Cole and this is Taylor," he introduced and she nodded excitedly.

"Oh, I know. I'm Valerie Watkins. Mackenzie is just upstairs in her room. I told her she would be having visitors and she was quite excited."

"Is there anything we should be worried about?" He asked cautiously and she gave him a sweet smile.

"She has quite the past but she really is one extraordinary young girl. She is very nice, just don't get on her bad side," she winked and ushered us upstairs.

It wasn't very large up there, only three doors and one of them was a bathroom. Another was closed and the last was slightly open, a little girl's humming echoing down the hallway. Now, I'm no expert at these pick-up missions but this seems like a scene from a horror movie.

Cole and I walked forward and he knocked on the door three times, making it open just enough for us to be able to peek in and see a little girl staring at us with the brightest golden eyes. In her hands was a sketch pad but she hid it just well enough for me not to see what she was drawing.

"Hi, I'm Cole," he introduced himself to her, still standing in the doorway. "And this is Taylor. Do you mind if we talk to you for a few?"

She looked between the two of us and when her eyes fell on me, I had to stop myself from stiffening from her direct gaze. She was obviously young and her hair was longer than what it was in the picture we were given. She wore a t-shirt that was slightly too big and fell off her shoulder just enough to see the edging of the black Marking that all of us wore.

"Okay," she spoke slowly, getting up to sit on her bed while we walked in. Cole pulled up two chairs for us and faced her. I expected the same sort of speech that he gave me: Slightly sarcastic and just a bit of taunting. However, that was not the case.

"So... Mackenzie," he started, folding his hands under his chin as he gave her his undivided attention. "A couple days ago you realized you could do something weird, right?"

She was hesitant to say anything at first. She regarded him with caution as she said, "What do you mean?"

"Well, you know of superheroes, right? Those who have crazy powers and save the world?" She nodded slowly. "You're like one of them, aren't you? You have super powers just like those people in comics."

I saw the alarm on her face as panic settled in on her. I understood what she was going through. I hid my powers for years, concluding that I was some mutant being and having someone know what I could do scared me. For all I knew, Cole could've wanted to take me away for some experiments and testing.

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