Chapter fifteen: Entrance to the Neutral Zone

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Hi everyone, chapter fourteen part two turned out to be really long so I changed it to fifteen, sixteen and seven instead of fourteen part two. Sorry for not updating sooner and to show how sorry I am, I will post sixteen and seventeen fast. These couple of chapters was very difficult to write because I needed to do research and I couldn’t just say what happened, I had to show the process-and it was a pain. Well enjoyed.



Primula POV


Eyes closed, head resting on black leather car seat, I tried to calm myself by pretending that I wasn’t in a limo with six werewolves I wanted to rip to shreds. I could feel the nervousness coming from them and it help to ease my boiling rage. I could hear them shifting in their seats gazes locked on my face but I didn’t move.

I sighed wondering how the heck I got myself in this situation. It was all that guy, Arion’s fault. He was the seventh member of this hell ride I wouldn’t mind punching. He had been a thorn in my side since the day he visited me in the forest. After that he refused to leave me alone. He bought clothes, food, sleeping bag, bottle of waters and a real camping tent.

That was not all, he never left, ever! He would sit by me constantly talking about everything and nothing. I, at first told myself to ignore him and then maybe he will find someone else to bother but it never worked. And sadly I always find myself somehow responding to him, answering his questions and providing reply to his remarks.

I almost smiled once at one of his jokes and it scared the crap out of me. I remembered lashing out at him afterwards when one of his knock, knocks jokes caused my mouth to move, lips twitching upwards. And of course he stared at me for a while and continued his jokes like my outburst didn’t faze him at all.

I closed my eyes remembering how I got caught in this ridiculous situation.  I remembered sitting in my tent trying to come up with ways I could ditch the pack territory and finally leave my baggage behind when he barged in with clothing and shoes telling me we would be late.

I was so confused I found myself getting dress and before I knew it, he was dragging me by my hand. That’s another thing, he could touch me! I had no idea how he accomplished it but whatever it was left me felling weary of him. I wasn’t scare of him, no my days of being scared of anything or anyone was over. Come to think of it, I think my fear died with Primrose. No, what had me feeling apprehensive was the role he was now playing in my life.

I don’t want or need attachment, and it was becoming apparent that this is exactly what Arion wants. So I decided that he’s dangerous and is now public enemy number one I would love to smack not because I hated him but because he was a pain! And that was another thing; I couldn’t muster any hatred for him. Yes I was annoyed and angry with him most of the times but I didn’t hate him. And since I hated the whole world, I was uncomfortable with being around him because if I didn’t want to kill or smack him into oblivion, than I had no idea what the heck I wanted from him.

I sighed deciding if I was going to be stuck in this car I might as well do it without feeling uncomfortable after all I had no reason to be. I didn’t know what the heck Arion wants to see happen by bringing me to this meeting but he was going to be very disappointed if he wanted me to help them in anyway. So with my anger nicely tuck in I decided to make small conversations. Sure it might make some people uneasy but that was the beauty of it.

“So-” I started causing six pair of eyes to snap to me as they waited for me to speak. “Arion right?” I asked the annoying one who dragged me into this. He looked away from his technology devise and gaze at me.

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