Chapter Seventeen: The Gathering of Gargoyles

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Hi Readers

Here’s chapter seventeen. This chapter is name after the second book, A Gathering of Gargoyles, of The Darkangel Trilogy by Meredith Ann Pierce. I read it long time ago and the name seemed to fit so I used it.

Chapter eighteen will be up soon.

 Disclaimer: I do not own The Darkangel Trilogy - I’m only a fan.



Right before my eyes the chairs and seats were being occupied by different people or creatures? I gazed at the vampire sections. They were tall, pure and elegant with dark hair. Leather and black seemed to be the theme they were sporting. I snapped my gaze to the ponds when I heard a splash.

Mermaids were playing in the water giggling. Their tailed was fishlike with different colors. They had some sort of tattoo markings on their forehead, and on their hands was scaly things that looked like gloves but it wasn’t. I was mesmerized by them and how magical they looked.

Sitting in the chairs were the most beautiful, breathtaking and ethereal beings I have ever seen. There were no words beautiful enough to describe them. Everything about them was inviting, from their eyes, to hair, marking on their barely clothe - even the guys, they were only wearing pants - body invited me in. I felt a pull but something was resisting it so although I was amazed by them, it wasn’t enough to go to them like Dean and Krista were doing?

I snapped my eyes on both of them to see droll rolling down their mouth but they didn’t care. I frowned when Arion grabbed their hands stopping them. They fought him but he was stronger. Arion pushed them to another alpha, he carried them away. I shouldered and move my gaze to the floating chairs and tables.

People in long rob and crazy hairdos were already sitting either on broomsticks or chairs moving around the room conversing with the other creatures. How the heck did they managed to sit? I thought. I saw movements in the forest with no seats and focus looking for any signs of life.

I saw women and girls dress in green short dresses that were probably made from leaves and the men were only wearing pants. Yep, their clothes were definitely made from trees. Their hair was decorated with flowers and vines which seemed to be growing along their arms and legs. Talk about being one with nature. I was completely amazed at the sight of the different creatures before me - they were all so fascinating in their own way. I tilted my head to the side when I saw that some of them had big beautiful butterfly wings.

Arion stared at my surprise expression and smile. He opened his arms and wave around whispering to me-“welcome to the gathering of gargoyles.” I almost smiled but snapped my eyes up when his nephew spoke.

“Why do they call him Shakespeare? I mean why would they give a spear to a shaking man? What if he hurt someone? Than what would be his excused-‘sorry it’s because I shake?’ Humans are so weird sometimes.” I raised my eyebrow at his randomness. Something was definitely wrong with him. Arion shook his shoulder getting his nephew attention.

“Everything okay, Jay?” he asked him.

“Yeah, why?” he answered looking confused. His eyes were clear again not puzzle and clouded like it was when he was being…weird? There were no other words to describe it.

“Nothing, stay with me all throughout this meeting okay?” Arion told him and waited until he nodded.

I shrugged and followed behind them to where the other werewolves were sitting but we were intercepted by a tall pure skin black hair man. He wore black leather pants, black leather boots with-dare I say it?-black t-shirt. I knew instantly he was a vampire.

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