Zoo-Loki Imagine

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I'm so sorry this is late :(

"Pleeaase," I beg, and Loki shrugs.

"I don't know," he replies.

I walk up to Loki and plop my face into his chest. He pats my head sarcastically. "Pleaaaassseeeee," I groan, and Loki sighs and gives in. "Fine," he grumbles. "Let's go to the zoo."

At the zoo, you immediately dragged Loki to the polar bears. He plops his head on your shoulder and sighs while you coo at the polar bears.

"I wanna rule the world, not walk around a zoo," complains Loki. "This is unmanly."

You roll your eyes. "Will ice cream make everything better?" You ask, annoyed. He sighs and then mutters, "Yes."

You grin, knowing that he finally cracked. "Cmon! Which flavor?" You ask, and you quickly dash to the ice cream vendor. Loki read the flavor sign, and finally says, "Vanilla." You give him a look. "Seriously? Vanilla? That's the most boring flavor," you grumble. "But also the tastiest," retorts Loki.

You roll your eyes and order strawberry.

After going around to different exhibits, you were pooped. Loki noticed you were getting tired so he zapped you both out.

"That was so much fun!" You sigh, collapsing on the couch.

"Okay, it was," mutters Loki, making you grin.

Loki kisses your cheek, "Seriously though, thanks for making me go."

You giggle. "Yeah, no problem," you reply.

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