{chapter 18}

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Song- I took a pill in Ibiza

2:30am rolled around and I tried to close my eyes again.

I wasn't allowed to see Nix yet and it made me overly anxious, but I definitely wasn't going to leave so I was stuck in the waiting room on the verge of chewing my nails all the way off.

I sighed and opened another pack of small hot cheeto fries, because that was the only thing in the vending machine and my stomach was begging for me to eat. Every bag I finished I quickly regretted because I don't have any water. There was none of that in the vending machines either.

"Is there an Amelia out here?" I heard making my head snap up quickly.

"Me!" I scrambled up , startling some of the surrounding groggy people and letting all of the cheeto bag wrappers fall to the floor.

"Do you know a Phoenix?" Asked a doctor dressed in a white lab coat.

"Yeah, he's my boyfriend." I told him immediately.

"Alright, he's just been muttering that name for about an hour now, you can go ahead and follow me back." He said, turning around and gesturing for me to follow.

I made sure I had my phone and sweater before lightly jogging to keep up with his fast pace.

"So what's wrong with him?" I asked once I fully caught up.

"Well, his jaw has substantial bruising but there was no break, but a few of his ribs on the left side seem to be broken from blunt force." He explained dully or tiredly I couldn't tell.

As we passed multiple rooms I seen many young patients all battered and bruised causing the ER to be overly packed. It looked like Nix wasn't the only one hurt tonight.

We finally arrived to a room were Phoenix was laid out and the bed was adjusted to  accommodate his injuries. His hair was a little more tame, so I take it a nurse fixed him up a bit.

"I'll leave you two to be." The doctor said , closing our curtain.

The room was white and the only things making noise was the beeping of a heart monitor and Nix's breathing. The wall had some posters about getting a Flu shot.

I quickly sat by his bed side and took one of his hands that was ice cold.

His fingers flexed in mine and not long after his eyes fluttered open. He immediately tried to sit up but I beat him to it pushing his shoulders down softly. "Relax." I whispered soothingly to him and running my hands through his hair.

His eyes were still fluttering open when he tried to take out the oxygen tube from nose but I stopped him again and took hold of his other hand.

"Mia?" He finally asked looking straight at me. "What happened? How did you get here ?"He asked softly, his eyes roaming the hospital room.

I ran my fingers across his knuckles in attempt to relax him more. "I'm not entirely sure, but there was some type of riot downtown and you got hurt." I explained as much as possible to him.

I decided to purposely leave out the Roger part. Nix didn't seem too found of him and didn't want to agitate him.

"My sides hurt. A lot." He stated wincing trying to mask how much pain he was actually in.

I leaned into him and kissed him as gently as I could , even though I wanted nothing more to hold him as tight as possible and never let go.

He reaches out and grabbed my face and rubbed a thumb across my face.

Tears clouded my eyes and I stood up and gently held his hand that was on my cheek.

"Ok I'll got the nurse or doctor or something." I quickly said before leaving the room, but not before sparing another glance at him.

I was leaving the room looking for a nursing station when i bumped into a broad figure, or more like the figure bumped into me. I wiped my eyes ready to give the figure the nastiest look I could muster but thankfully I was stopped before I could.

"Mia!" I voice yelled out from behind the broad figure and I immediately recognized Nick.

I crouched down and we engulfed one another in a huge hug.

Looking I up I realized who the broad figure was when I seen the police uniform and the gold badge that read "Chief Adams."

I quickly stood up and straightened my shirt, pretending I just wasn't about to roast him while Nick held my hand.

"Um hi chief" I awkwardly said sticking my other hand out for him to shake it, but he didn't, making me drop it to my side.

"Where's my son." He asked simply crossing his hands over his chest.

"He's in the room directly to the left around this corner." I said quietly.

"How did you even know he was here." The Chief questioned me.

I stuttered for a second, surprised at his questioning but Nick helped me out. I didn't exactly want to rat Roger out, but I didn't wan't to lie to my boyfriend's dad aka the chief.

"Daddy, I wanna see Nix now." The little boy tugged at his fathers hand anxiously.

"Don't whine, but let's go see him." He said grabbing the younger boys arm and brushing past me in a hurry, but not forgetting to give me a cold look.

A look saying this isn't over.

I stood open mouthed for a few seconds before groaning. I so couldn't catch a break tonight.

I leaned my elbows on the nurses station and rubbed my hands against my face.

"Rough night?" A nurse with jet black hair and olive skin.

"Tell me about it. Having a police officer boyfriend is scary." I sighed to her.

"Don't worry, better to have them on the good side of the law than the bad side." She aided, making me crack a smile for the first time in hours.

"That is true. I think last he mentioned he was in pain." I told her.

"Don't worry babe, I'm on it. Now go get yourself some rest." He told me before heading off to his room.

Unsure of what do, since I definitely didn't want to be in the same room as his dad again I fished from my purse my car keys and decided I really needed a shower . A hot shower.
I stepped out my bathroom and made my way to our bedroom.

I looked at my phone and seen a miss call from Phoenix so I immediately dialed his number and called him back.

"Hello." He answered with a scratchy voice that shocked me. I was so realeved to see him earlier I didn't listen too much to what he sounded like.

"Hey, I came home to take a quick shower I'm on my way back over there." I told him while trying to slip my underwear on and still keep hold of the phone.

"No , it's 100% fine if you wanna rest." He began.

"Shut up, I'm about to get dressed and be on my way." I told him leaving no room for argument.

"Alright see you in a little bit , be safe getting here and I love you." He replied.


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