Chapter Twenty-Two - The Catchers

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I just want to say thank you to all the people who submitted names! I'll be picking from last chapter whenever I need a new name for now on :) For this chapter I want to specifically thank, nataliecol159 (for the name Jack) and FaeriesAreDeadly (for the name Toby)!


            "Well, would you look at that, Jack," the abuser said while his eyes were still focused on me. "There was a Supernatural around here and you're not as big of an idiot as I made you out to be."

            The guy on the ground, Jack, sat up and wiped his mouth as he looked at me with a big smile. "I told ya' I wasn't lying!"

            I froze as the first guy started walking around me, still several feet away. My eyes followed him while still watching Jack as much as I could. When he was behind me, he laughed.

            "Jackie! You tracked yourself a member of the Big Six!" He yelled out and Jack's face brightened.

            "See? I'm not an idiot, Toby!"

            "Shall we bring her back to Katherine?" Toby asked the other Catcher who nodded exuberantly.

            "Yep! I'm sure she'll take us more seriously then!"

            When Toby smiled and stomped his foot, blocking off the emergency exit door with a huge boulder coming up from the ground, adrenaline coursed through my veins as I screamed out, "Cole!"

At this point both exits that I could go through were blocked by the two Catchers so my only option was to fight. Jack blasted some air at me, making me fly back towards Toby, who made a wall of jagged, sharp rock. Slowing down time, I could still feel the power of the air continue to force me back so I faced the wall, allowing myself to step up the spikes until I was able to reach my hand out and hit Jack with a wave of telekinesis. Time went back to normal and the two looked at me in surprise. They probably thought I was useless, especially if Katherine was able to figure out how I was doing at my training and gossiped about us to her clan of Catchers.

The wall I was disappeared, making me fall to the ground. Toby began throwing rocks at me, which I immediately responded by throwing them off track. When one came right for me, I was able to stop its course of action and throw it back to my pursuer, hitting him with a great force.    

I took this brief moment of time to inspect my surroundings. In the middle of this alley, there wasn't much to work with because we were in the middle of two large buildings. The only things at my disposal were the rocks that Toby made and two large dumpsters that I didn't want to use until I was ready.

And then I was. Jack used his Air ability to cut off my oxygen intake. It took me a second to calm down and throw up my shield, giving me the ability to breathe again. Luckily, Toby was still recovering from the blow and Jack was between those two waste bins. Using telekinesis, I slammed them together and turned away before I can see the aftermath of a squashed Catcher. 

Now facing the other way, I could see Cole and Mackenzie at the end where Toby was now getting up. I knew that had seen what had happened to Jack and the dumpsters because Mackenzie looked terrified. Luckily, the Catcher hadn't noticed that they had arrived and when he stood up, Cole pushed Mackenzie off to the side and blasted him with fire, burning him to a crisp.

            I rushed over to them, immediately noticing that Cole looked pissed. "How the hell did you end up here?"

            "I... I saw someone getting beat up and I just had to help--"

            "You could've been killed!" He exclaimed. "Thank God Mackenzie mentioned that you had been gone awhile and when we went to the bathroom and saw that the emergency door was now a rock wall, we came around back. You could've been dead by now!"

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