Chapter 2

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Arhaan POV


"Hello Leena,yeah make sure everything is ready in the conference room I'll be there within 15min..Got it??" I told her.

"Yes sir, everything is ready" leena replied

"You may go now" I told now. She went away quickly.

"Assalamualaikum son..I hope am not disturbing you?" Dad came in.

"Walekumasalam..oh! no dad you are absolutely not!!" I said by giving him a hug.

"Well dear I have come here for something very important so be patient and listen to me." Dad said sternly. I noded him to go ahead.

"I know you have many dreams in your life but I hope this will be your strength to overcome all your hurdles. Beta I and your mom have decided to marry you. The girls' name is Mahira Khan. I hope you know Khan's industries owner Mr. Zubair Khan we have done many deals with their company his daughter is Mahira. She's in her final year of Masters in English and a very nice girl. She will be upto your mark." Dad said calmly as if this is such a small thing.
My blood boiled to such an extent that my body was shaking from anger if someone else was sitting in front of me he would have been dead uptil now..but here it is my father.

"Dad I am sorry but I cant marry her..not at all." I gave him my decision.

"Well let me tell you..You dont have any options left because today is your engagement in the evening and tomorrow is your Niqah if you say no you would be in deep trouble..mark my words." Dad was angry

"You just cant come into anyone's life and force them to do according to your command I said no and that's final" I was beyond angry now.

"Well if you'll say no then let me tell you I will remove you from this C.E.O chair and remove your name from each and every of my property and i'll disown you and you will not get to own our NEW YORK's firm for which you've spent day and night in learning all the business tricks..Now you're free to decide whatever your answer is" Dad glared at me.
God he has not left me with any choice what about Laiba I love her how can i marry someone else?? Ya Rab I dont have any choice left!!

"Okay..I agree" I told him staring straight in his eyes.

"Good..Then meet you in the evening for the engagement." Dad said.

"One question why all of a sudden this marriage thing??" I asked him raising my eyebrows.

"You dont have to worry about that son.. Just chill and enjoy your wedding." With that he walked away.

God what am I gonna do now...Yup I know exactly what I've to do with her just wait and watch Ms.Mahira how i turn your life upsidedown just as mine. You'll regret that why you married'll be on your knees begging for divorce!! Mahira here i come...

End of flashback

Present morning-Niqah day
Arhaan POV

"Com'on Arhaan be quick everyone is waiting for much more time you need??" Mom was continuously knocking door.

"Yes mom I am ready" I opened the door to see mom standing and smiling at me. God I can do anything for just this one smile. To me my family is my topmost priority.

"Masha Allah I didn't knew my son has grown so big and handsome" She said by putting a little kajal mark just under my hair as she called nazar na lagne ka teeka. I know it is weird but mom is mom.

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