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The game had finished three hours ago. It was half past three, and I was lying in bed. But, sleep didn't overtake my thoughts. This time, my thoughts were pacing way more ahead, the reason why I wasn't able to sleep.

After I had kissed Harry, the air around him had changed. I just couldn't know why. As the game proceded, I could feel his states upon me. Ofcourse, there had been guys, many, if I should correct myself, who would stare at me. But, this Harry guy was totally different. After a while, he would stop staring and then tame his mop of curls on his head. Like I said, he had caused me, me, who didn't give a damn about anybody, was staring at Harry.

Leave alone Harry, I couldn't believe myself that I was thinking over this stupid guy. This was not me. I was meant to kiss a guy one moment, and then kick him the other. That was my personality. Atleast, thats what I had made it. So, anyhow, I had to maintain it.


I never liked going to school. Who does? I thought to myself. School was just a medium to me, for boys to get attracted to me, since I moved from Rome, to London.

I hopped into the shower, cleansed myself, brushed my teeth and got out of the glass booth.

I put on ripped jean shorts and a graphic black tee.

After having Pop-Tarts for breakfast, I got out of this over-priced apartment, and went into the elevator. My destination: the garage.

As I reached the garage, my phone beeped and I saw a text from Louis.

Lou: We're at the cafeteria.

I quickly replied with an 'Okay' and sat on my bike. I put on the helmet and kicked it to start.

It took about 10 minutes for me to reach school.

"Arkdale High School" was scrawled over every single hoarding on the school gates; it was like our school was more of a mall. 'Why do I care?' I asked myself as I made my way to the cafeteria.

It wasn't early morning, I was just late. We would arrive at the lunch time, as no one was even interested in studying. Just because some people had strict parents, they had to give the daily attendance that happened after the lunch time, inorder to avoid the call which the school would give to their parents if they weren't present for a day in school. I mean, who even is scared of parents?

I saw Lou smiling at me as I reached their table and took a seat between Lou and Zara, which Lou must've saved for me. Zara was a nice girl, I just hadn't got the time to know her, maybe I didn't want to. I was very restricted with the people that would enter my life or leave.

"Do you know that school is taking us for a cruise trip to the Carribean islands?!" Kelly shrieked as she read it on her phone.

"That's great." I mumbled when everybody started the hyper session.

Eventually, the whole of the cafeteria was shrieking at this news, because most of them, or if I should say, no one had been to a cruise before.

Except me.

I had been to a cruise to Bahamas with my family, but I wasn't going to tell anyone. Nobody ever heard the word 'family' from my mouth and if anyone asked me about it, they were left unanswered. Simple as that.

Lou knew all about it, so he knew about my trip to the cruise. He had never been to one, and I guarantee he would want to go. With me.

"You're coming with me." He said, as we both got up to get lunch.

"Okay." I simply said. I couldn't argue with him. It was of no use, he would always win.

As I turned around to grab a bottle of water from the drinks table, I noticed someone watching all my movements. And that someone was Harry, the weirdo party guy.

Well, someone was stalker-ish. But I didn't care.



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