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I saw him coming towards me from the corner of my eye, as I picked a bottle of water from the table. I chose to ignore it, to act as if I didn't know he existed, and he was coming towards me. I knew that if I would talk to him, or even see him a bit more, then it would cause a flush of emotions in my body, emotions that seemed to be unknown to me, on which I didn't want to spend hours on thinking.

All of my plans on ignoring him faded, or more like, vanished when he patted on the top of my back with his hand. He needed to stop coming towards me, and stop making a fuss about that stupid kiss that we had had, yesterday. He had to know that neither the kiss mattered to me, nor Harry.

I turned around with my arrogant cum irritated expression, and rolled my eyes when they met with his, denoting that I hadn't known it was him. Obviously, I didn't want him to know that I knew it was him. "Ugh, too complicated", I said to myself, mentally.

"What do you want? You should know that the "kiss" doesn't matter to me, and nor do you. So get that straight." I said, using air quotes for the word 'kiss'.

"They don't matter to me too. I ju--" I cut him off.

"Then? Why are you here? If you want to be friends, then no. If you want something, I don't have it. So please, go." I said.

"I don't want anything from you and neither do I want to be friends with you. I just want to talk to you about something, more like want to make you hear something." He said, he was smiling, but I could sense that he was hurt. Why was he hurt? Maybe by my words, I thought to myself.

"I will listen to you on condition. You are not going to follow me or talk to me after that. Got it?" I said, with no life in my voice.

He looked hurt again, but he instantly covered it with a smile, which I knew was fake.

"Promise." He said, his smile not fading. His smile warmed my insides and I still didn't know why.

"Enough of that, tell me what do you want to say, cause I don't have all day." I said harshly.

"Uh, not here." He looked towards a table where Andrew and all of his friends were sitting. I remembered that I was meeting him at The Club Monkey tonight.

Harry took my hand in his wrist and I furiously removed it from his, giving him a death glare when he looked at me. I didn't like to be controlled by boys, I was the Lord of myself. If I wanted to hold his hand, I definitely would, but on my own. I was not a freaking child that had to be walked with held hands.

As he reached out of the cafeteria, he stopped, and turned around facing me. Before he could say anything that was just a waste of time, I said, "spill."

He removed his phone from his pocket, in a black cover, which was maybe a Samsung, but was surely not an iPhone, because of the position of its camera.

Wait, why did I even care?

I was seriously going mad.

Suddenly, a voice from his phone startled me, but unfortunately, I knew whose was it.

"You both just have to act drunk, touch her, and then I'll bash your head. I'll become the hero for her. She'll get drunk, or I should say drunk and sexually aggravated, thanks to the drink you, aka the bartender will give her. Then, leave it to me to get her into my room. The result, a video with a million views and a girl whose ego has been bashed down to the core."

It was Andrew's voice.

I couldn't believe that I was going to get raped to tonight. Everything would change. And, after that, I knew I couldn't survive. Whenever I would remember him, and how he used to take care of me, I just couldn't survive.

But, I couldn't all broked in front of Harry, or as a matter of fact, anyone. The wall I had built around my heart couldn't break down. I wouldn't let it.

"Are you okay?" Harry's voice got me straight back to reality.

"Yeah, why wouldn't I be?" I sarcastically giggled a little, inorder to make him in the uncomfortable position. I wanted to make him realise that all of that meant nothing to me, and he was just misunderstood if I was going to be a puddle of tears infront of him. I didn't need anyone's shoulder to cry one, and he had to get that straight.

"That was all that you wanted to say?" I asked, with an annoyed expression on my face.

"Uh, yeah. I just thought you should know what was going on." He said, clearly embarrassed.

"Oh how nice of you?" I replied with an evident fake smile plastered on my face, while my insides were screaming, thank you.

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