Chapter Ten.

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Songs for this chapter are:

Drunk- Zayn

Someone New- Hozier

Move Together- James Bay

When I get to Grind, Posey is behind the counter pouring a bucket of ice into the bin. Jane, the oldest employee at Grind is sweeping the stained concrete floors with a look of clear boredom on her weathered face. She dips the mop into the bucket and soapy water overflows onto the floor. A little girl gets up from a table near the back and walks over to Jane as she swipes the mop over the mess, soaking up the water. 

The little girl's curly brown hair sits on her head like a helmet. I look around the few tables for her parents, but the place is pretty empty. Out of the ten tables, only two of them are occupied. Two girls with their laptops and textbooks overflowing the table and a guy with four empty espresso cups are the only people I see. Posey notices me and greets me with a smile.

The little girl, she has to be about four, sits down on the floor and pulls something out of her pocket. A small red car wheels across the puddle and I watch her eyes light up. Jane says something to the girl that I can't make out.

"Lila, please don't do that," Posey lifts the partition and steps out from behind the counter. She approaches the girl and bends down to her level.

The little girl grabs the red car before Posey can reach it. She hugs it to her chest and shakes her head furiously.

"Want car," her little voice chimes.

Posey reaches her hand out and cups her cheek. Her thumb caresses the little girl's skin and her panic turns into comfort. She must be familiar with Posey.

Her sister, of course. This little brown haired girl must her sister who she speaks of often. "You can keep the car, but please don't put it in the water," Posey's voice is different when she talks to the girl. Softer.

"Okay?" Posey taps the little girl on the nose and she giggles. She's cute.

"Kay," her little voice is even cuter.

I walk toward them and sit down at the table nearest to them. Jane finishes with one more swipe of her mop and says quick "hi" before she excuses herself to the stock room to finish inventory. Posey looks around to assess how busy it is, she politely checks on the two tables and walks back over to the girl and I.

"Please don't tell Jacob that I brought her to work with me," Posey slides into the chair in front of me.

"I would never," I tell her with a smile. Jacob can be an ass.

She clears her throat. "My grandma had an appointment and I couldn't call in," Posey nervously justifies herself.

"Well lucky for you then," I turn to the little one. "You get to hang out with your big sister all day," I say to her.

She doesn't turn to look toward my voice. The bell on the door chimes, alerting Posey of a customer. She looks at Lila and I nod, telling her I can sit with the girl in Jane's absence. Posey greets the two men in suits and I turn to watch the little girl play with her toy car. She's not paying any attention to me. 

That car is fascinating her and she's awfully cute while she rolls the little Camaro along the stained concrete floor. She crawls behind it, though she's clearly old enough to walk. Her little sneakers light up when her feet hit the concrete floor. She smiles when her little fingers wrap around the body of it and she flips it over. She spins the car on its top and smiles as it spins.

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