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Hayes' POV

It's not that hard.

All you have to do is keep an eye on someone to make sure they don't get themselves into trouble and make sure that no one bothers them.

It's that simple.

Yeah, it is considered stalking, but I really want her back and I want her to give me another chance.

I don't get why she ended this relationship. It was one small mistake. She was losing her virginity to me anyways, so what was the point of waiting.

I've always been faithful and loyal to her and I know it's been the same way with her for me.

I just really need a second chance.

Gabby's POV

I put on a pair of black leggings, a grey short-sleeved shirt, grey Van high tops, grabbed my adidas jacket, and put my hair up into a messy bun.

I'm in front of your apartment building. Hurry up!- Mackenzie

Mackenzie is dragging me to a party because she says I "Haven't been myself lately," even though I'm perfectly fine.

I sighed, got off of my couch, and walked out of my room.

I walked down to her car and got in. She of course was wearing a crop top, skinny jeans, and had her hair done.

"You couldn't have at least picked something a little nicer?" She whined, referring to my clothes

"What? I'm not even feeling it right now. This is good enough anyways." I said

"Yeah, but you're single now. There are lots of nice guys that are gonna be there."

"Ok, just because I'm single, doesn't mean I'm ready to mingle."

"Just try," I looked over to her and clearly looked annoyed "Do it for me." She begged

"Fine." I mumbled.


We arrived at the party and when we walked in, the smell of weed, sweat, and alcohol hit me. My nose immediately scrunched up in disgust because that combination is terrible.

"Who's party is this anyways?" I yelled to Mackenzie over the music.

"Do you remember Alex O'Connor?" She yelled back.

"That sounds familiar.. From high school?"


I looked around and took notice to all of my old high school peers in the room.

Got me fucked up

"Why'd you even--" I looked over to see that Mackenzie wasn't at my side anymore.

Even worse.

I sighed and walked back to the food and drink table.

I found a few unopened lemonade Smirnoff's and grabbed one. I think I have to get fucked up to deal with these people again. I just hope someone didn't somehow roofie my drink cause we know exactly how that went last time.

I wasn't exactly trying to talk to anyone here because it's like a throwback to hell.

"Hey, Gabby. I didn't think I'd see you here." I looked up to see one of the guys who wasn't a fake ass, dumbass fuckboy. Jack Gilinsky. (Lmao the irony)

I always thought he was cute, but never got the chance to do anything about it.

"Oh, hey Jack. I didn't think I'd see you here either. Well, in my defense, I didn't think it was gonna be my hell school reunion, so."

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