Chapter Nineteen: Part One - Operation: Mass Migration

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This chapter has lots of Dialogues. Sorry!



Primula POV


As I got near the castle I saw a group of people – they were mixed with sirens, faeries, nymphs, and vampires – because of the black – and some with the features of werewolves and some Wiccans. I was going to pass by them but then I stopped when I recognized the siren, the one I deemed the leaders of the rogues. I furrowed my brow; they looked so different – less wild and feral. None of them were foaming at the mouth like they did when I first saw them back at the castle. There was still a dangerous aura coming from them but other than that they looked normal – as normal as any of us could be.

I pivoted and walked towards the group of rogues now very fascinated at their change. They must have seen me coming because their group of about ten stopped, waiting. I halted in front of their leader, the siren – she smiled seductively licking her lips. I rolled my eyes at her. After my encountered with Armarose, I knew how not to be entranced by them.

Her skin tight black dress, long blonde hair and yellow eyes might have work for other people, but not me.

“What can I do for you?” she smiled wickedly. Her entourage snickered. I ignored them and focus on her.

“You are the rogues.” I commented dryly. She raised her brow as her companions snarled.

“You can say that?” she answered like a question.

“What happened to all of you?” I asked, fighting hard not to snarl back at the group behind her. They were growling and sneering at me and it was becoming irritating.

“Let me rip out her intestine,” one of them, a tall muscled guy in rip short pants and a dirty brown t-shirt bark. She waved him off and sighed.

“Werewolves I tell you – they are always disgustingly graphic.” He growled at her – “I’m saving you dog! Touch her and she will kill you in a heartbeat.”  She snapped at him.

I raised my eyebrow, hmm - she was very smart for a rogue.

“Sorry about Jason, he has anger problems. But it’s very surprising; usually he would have gone for the throat by now.”

“So why hasn’t’ he?” I wanted to know what caused them to change.

“I think you know more than we do.” She tilted her head to the side. “Why are you here?” I searched her face and looked at the others. The change in them was very dramatic – they seem to be getting better. Like something was curing them of their insanity. Looking at the ten rogues before me, I felt an instant pull towards them. In fact, I actually like the little group of troublemakers. They were more relatable than the other supernatural beings. They knew what it was like to be at hell’s gate. They were the garbage of the world – I once was – and they were rejected by everyone just like I was. In a twisted way, they were family in my eyes.

“Saving you.” I told her - the others growled.

“Oh? Why?” she crossed her arms over her busty chest.

“Because whatever is about to happen, none of you will survive it.” She locked her jaw taking a defensive pose.

“We are more powerful-”

“Spare me the speech. You know what will happen to you,” I pointed at her – “them,” I pointed to her growling followers now. “Isn’t that why you are running?”

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