New Alpha

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IMPORTANT- Liam is the third command, I forgot to mention that in previous chapters- sorry


~ New Alpha ~

"Carter, I want to go with you today. I've been locked up in this house for days." I groaned. He frowned and shook his head.

"You haven't been locked up, I only keep you here to protect you."

"If protecting me means not being able to leave, then you are protecting me very well." I snapped.

Carter was getting ready to go do some pack business, once again leaving me at home. This mansion was huge and I was sure I've only seen half of it. I wasn't in the mood to go exploring around the house, but to stay with Carter. Lately my wolf has been very persistent on being attached to Carter's side all day. Not that he had any objections.

The house always seemed lonely without him even when Liam or Travis were here. My wolf missed him and craved for his attention, especially when we were in our heated make out sessions she would urge me to complete the mating process.

I knew Carter wanted to and he probably would've the first day I came here under different circumstances.

"You know very well that the upcoming war with the Imperial Pack will be happening soon. We need to plan battle strategies and train the younger generation of pups, I can't have any distractions around."

"So now I'm just a distraction to you?" I say a little offended. He runs a hand through his already messy hair and kneels down to meet my gaze on the bed. He pushes my legs apart and puts his upper half between them.

"I feel safer when I know you're at home with guards watching you. My wolf doesn't like to put you in any danger." I frown and shake my head.

"I wouldn't be in any danger I would be with you the entire time. Are you trying to say that you're too weak to protect me?" His growl vibrates throughout the room and he grips my waist tightly. His claws extend slightly and his eyes swirl with black.

I knew very well that he could protect me better than anybody could, but I enjoyed getting under his skin.

"I am not too weak to protect my own mate. I am the Alpha of this pack and would kill anyone who would try to harm you. You're mine." He snarled out while crushing me into his chest. He nuzzled his nose into my neck, inhaling my scent to calm down his wolf. I didn't say anything so I didn't make him more angry.

After a couple of minutes, when his wolf was starting to calm down, he got up and walked to the bathroom. Seconds later, the sound of the shower turning on was heard. I laid down on the bed rubbing my face with annoyance.

Carter was over reacting and I would be sure that I'm getting out of this house today. Carter couldn't keep me in here when he was gone, my last option would be to sneak out.

I walked into the closet and searched through the racks of clothes I had. It was easy to choose a simple shirt, jeans, and flip flops. Right after I slipped on the shirt, the door to the bathroom opened and a delicious looking Carter stepped out.

His damp hair was all over the place from the towel he ran through it. The only clothing he had on was a pair of dark wash jeans that hung dangerously low on his hips, showing his v lines. His bare chest had water droplets running down the smooth plane of his abs.

I looked up to his face and his lips were curved into a smirk. I furiously blushed and turned my head away, smoothing down my shirt. I could hear his footsteps coming closer until they stopped right in front of me. His rough, yet smooth hand cupped my cheek and moved my head until I was staring up at him. He was so tall that I had to crane my neck high up just to see him. His hands went to my hips where he pulled me closer. His lips were inches away from mine and I could feel his mint breath blowing across my face.

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