The Final Battle

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"Haven't had enough of me yet?" I giggled. He playfully growled and sat me down on his lap. I grabbed his shoulders to help keep my balance.

"I will never get enough of my mate." I smiled and pressed his lips to mine.

"Can you go get me some food? I'm really hungry and I don't feel like cooking." He gave me a look and smirked.

"I'll bring us back some food." He gave me one more peck and left for the kitchen. He came back in with two cokes and some warmed up takeout pizza we bought yesterday.

We finished our pizza and then he left for pack business. I missed him and so did my wolf.

Ever since we mated, it's been hard to stop mating. Every second I'm consumed with Carter. He touches me and I'm just lost.

The first few days he took off of work just to spend time with me. No one came to the house and no disturbed us. I think Carter gave a clear warning only to interrupt us if something threatened the pack. Nothing did.

Eventually, Carter had to leave and go back to work on pack business. I mindlinked with him all the time when he was gone. He sent me lustful pictures most of the time.

Then when he got home, we couldn't keep our hands off each other. The only downside was I had to wait for him to come home everyday. It was torture.

Every time I try to bring up the Imperial Pack situation, he always manages to distract me. A touch here and a kiss there...

My wolf has never been happier since I mated with him. We feel like one now that we are together.

Weeks went by and my hunger for Carter never let up. I think I was more insatiable than him.

He would say otherwise.

Peaceful times only lasted so long. I still thought of James and it hurt to think about him. Losing him would never leave my mind. He was a part of me that I would never get back.

In the back of my mind, I blamed myself for his death. If he wouldn't have met me, he would probably still be alive.

The rational part of me knew that wasn't true, but I couldn't help but think that way.

Carter left me early in the morning and he hadn't been back since. Usually, he was home in the early afternoon and we spent the rest of the night together.

It was almost 10 o'clock and he still wasn't back.

Something about today felt off. I couldn't put my finger on it, but it didn't feel right.

As soon as I woke up this morning, there was something weird in the air. My wolf could feel it too. She wanted her mate and so did I.

I kept mind linking with him and asking where he was but he said he was busy with a 'situation.'
Whatever that meant. I kept asking him but he never gave me a straight answer.


Liam and Travis were with me and they didn't tell me anything either. Apparently, they were keeping secrets from me too.

I tried to guilt them to tell me, but it didn't work.

"Just tell me what's going on. It's not fair to keep me in the dark like this," I pleaded with Liam and Travis.

"I'm sorry, Luna. We can't tell you, Alpha's orders," Liam tried to reason with me.

All of a sudden, Liam and Travis looked to each other and jumped into action.

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