Chapter Thirty-Four: Marcus Taylor.

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My alarm clock blared One Direction, bringing out of my dreams on this terrible Monday morning. 

After I had finished jogging yesterday, I came home to my parents saying how much they loved me! 

Just kidding. 

I came home to a note! Saying that they will be gone for 3 days on a business trip to Chicago! 



Anyway, I had taken a shower and done my homework and studied. Alex send me a text, which ended with us talking for hours, just about random stuff. I told him about my fight with my mom, and that they were gone. He said that if he were me, he would have thrown a party. But he knew I wouldn't because quote on quote, 'I was a prude.' 

Eh, whatvever. 

I began to get ready for school and hopped in the shower. I straightened my hair and got dressed in a tank top and an unbuttoned denim shirt. I slipped on leggings and my vans. I also stuck a beanie on my head.

Grabbing my backpack, I snatched a quick apple from the kitchen and left the house, locking the door. Munching on the fruit, I rang Kate's doorbell and the door swung open to reveal a shirtless Colin, rubbing his eyes with his hair disheveled. 

Blushing, I quickly looked away and pushed past him. 

"What? You don't find my abs attractive?" He chuckled, wrapping me in a hug from behind. 

"God, Colin! Put on some clothes you.... nudist!" I exclaimed, trying to shove him off of me. 

"Hey! A nudist would be shaking their junk around! Do you see my package?" He scolded me. "Well, I mean, you probably do-" 

"Colin! Stop!" I turned a furious red and wriggled around in his strong grasp. 

God, he was an idoit. 

But, I loved him. 

"Hey, Cass-" she stopped, noticing me in Colin's arms. "Woah! I leave you alone for 5 minutes and you're getting it on with my brother?" She smirked, winking. I knew she was only joking; Colin was like my older brother and that would be gross. 

"Haha. Very funny. Get him off of me or we're going to be late!" 

Kate sighed. "Colin, stop harrasing my best friend and take a shower." He glumly released me, head hanging. 

"Oh, don't feel bad, Colin! I'm sure you're used to being rejected!" I ruffled his hair, teasing him. He glared at me and I took this as my cue to pull Kate out of the house, still eating my apple. 

"So, anything new?" 



I threw my apple core into the garbage, wiping my hands. I told Kate about my argument with my mother, and she just gave me hug that spoke a thousand words. We were at our lockers. Alex appeared out of nowhere. 

"Top of the morning to you, laddie." He winked. 

"I hope you know real Irish people don't speak like that," I swung my backpack onto one shoulder. 

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