Chapter Twenty-Five - The Vision

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Today wasn't an arena day for us, thankfully Cole and I missed that during our few days off, but we were doing something different. In some ways, it was worse.

"Why do we have to fight each other again? Isn't injuring someone in the Big Six something we want to avoid?" I asked-slash-complained to Sophia who wasn't taking any of it.

Today's exercise would be combat, of course. However, it was against each other, as if that will prove anything other than the fact that I'm one of the weakest people here. I didn't know who I was going to be facing, but I hoped it would either be Will or Leona, the ones I barely knew, so I wouldn't be humiliated if one of my friends beat me.

"You guys need to learn how each other work," Sophia told me. "By fighting, you learn each other's weaknesses so hopefully you'll learn to cover each other during a real battle."

"So who will I be against?" I asked, praying that it wasn't Cole.

She grinned, "Alex."

Not my first choice, but I'll take it over the blonde, cocky, Fire Supernatural any day. Looking over at my opponent who was talking to his own instructor, his eyes found mine and waved like a madman once he realized I was staring at him. Rolling my eyes, I turned back to Sophia who was already more annoyed than before.

"I know you have no chance in winning, but please go out there and try to put on a good show at least," she requested, making me purse my lips together.

"Of course," I replied through gritted teeth. "Anything to please my supportive trainer."

She didn't respond to my sarcastic comment and made me continue stretching. Looking around at the other Supernaturals, it was interesting to see how each person warmed up. William would jump up and down, hovering just the slightest bit while using his power. Leona did her yoga, relaxing more than doing. Cole and Alex mostly messed around with each other, probably not having to worry too much about this because they're the two strongest people in the Big Six. And Mackenzie? Well, she looked terrified and lost. I didn't blame her. I would be too if I was barely trained and at least five years younger than the closest age here.

While this was a very informal training practice by fighting each other, it was still intimidating. Even though I was going up against my friend, he was obviously much stronger than me and I knew I was going to lose and hopefully when I do, I don't get made fun of too much for it.

I was going second so thankfully I wouldn't have to be the first one to face a loss. While the first group, Cole and Will, got ready, Alex came and sat down next to me with a big smile.

"Ready to fight, Taylor?" He asked, excitement lighting his face.

I held back a groan and gave him a look. "Please spare me, I'm begging you to go easy."

He started laughing and bumped my shoulder with his. "Come on, it'll be a good fight! I know you haven't been here too long, but you've definitely improved from what I can tell. Besides, if I even hurt you to the point of doing some serious damage, Cole would never let me live it down."

I raised an eyebrow at him. "Really? Why?"

Alex shrugged, his blue eyes leaving mine and focusing on his best friend who was rolling out his wrists. "He's a big softy when it comes to you. The kid gets his panties in a twist every time I tease him about feelings and such."

I held back a smile and turned my attention towards the area in front of us while William and Cole spread out from each other. We weren't in an official arena for fighting or anything, but rather a vacant space in the forest to make it more realistic. To initiate the fight, one of the instructors blew a whistle and the two boys began doing their thing.

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