Chapter Twenty One: Emotions Running High!

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Primula POV

Inside the cave was cold, dark and wet. Water constantly dripped from the walls making a patter sound on the rocks, penetrating the quiet. The green orb Vates provided for us to use as a source light had burned out long time ago along with the witch’s energy making it impossible for her to create another one. The sound of wind whistling like a ghost’s cries outside the cave merged with the sound of dripping water creating a tense atmosphere that had everyone on edge.

Through the entrance of the dark and eerie cave, brownish gold sand blowing along with the wind could be seen, reminding me why we were stuck sitting inside a hole in the rock. Heat from the desert land outside our hideout warmed the wet walls inside the cave causing all of us to sweat profusely as we lie around on rocks praying for the sandstorm to finish.

No one dare spoke; the tension and hostility between us could be cut with a knife. Eyes turned away from each other, we all sat in our own corner lost in our thoughts. The quiet was deafening, but to break such silence would be worst than going outside in the sand shower that was taking place.

 Although the pressure in the cave was unbearable, nobody wanted to break it because that would mean starting a fire. We were all waiting to blow up at each other; we just needed someone or something to instigate it. But since this was not happening anytime soon, we all just lie in our own corner seething.

I sighed closing my eyes and trying to erase the reason as to why we were stuck in a cave with our emotion running high. But the memories refused to be lock away, instead they came flooding back.


My mind flashed back to the day Krista and Zero found out that they were mates. Krista was so happy she never stopped smiling not even when I didn’t congratulate her like the others had done. I just wanted us to stop standing in the forest and reach the cave before we lost the light of the fading sun. I knew the moon wouldn’t be up so relying on moonlight was futile.

Finally, and at the expense of almost losing my sanity – what was left of it – we were on our way with Zero holding Krista while Arion held Vates. Dean and the ex-mate didn’t dare asked me if I wanted to be carry again and for that I commanded them because I was an inch away from losing it. Ready, we resumed our journey to the cave in the desert smoother than before. Well not as smooth, I was tired but refused to admit it and I could see the ex-mate was faltering as well but he tried his best to hide it and keep up.

After what seemed like days but was only one hour, we arrived at the small cave Vates was able to identify on her map. The cave was hidden in a corner. It was a big contrast from the sandy desert we were standing in front.

It was getting dark now, and the sun had completely set so the desert was cool but from what I was told, it would get colder the deeper we get into the night.

I peeked into the dark small cave not able to see much with my werewolf eyes. From what I could see, the place was rocky and moldy on the inside. I could also hear the sound of water dripping on rocks.

When the question of needing light to see in the cave came up, Vates volunteered to create something from magic. The green shining orb she created was not only helpful to us but even more convenient for her since her eyes didn’t work as effectively in the dark like the six of ours’ did.

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