Chapter 9

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I finished my fajr prayer and was just sitting beside the window and was now thinking about my life. I tried to wake him up but as usual he didn't got up.

I was now looking outside the window and was thinking how fast my life has changed. This all seems so unreal sometimes like it's a very bad dream I know it's cliche! But still...

I was so happy a month back and now see where I am. I'm not complaining it was Allah's will this was destined to happen. Marriage is completing half of your deen and it's sunnah. But why we both are not happy!! May be because Allah has put some hardship in my way and I know with Allah's will we will come over this.

How will I help him in changing when he himself is not putting one percent of effort. While I'm sitting here and sulking and on the other side he's sleeping peacefully. But I still thank Allah that atleast he sleeps peacefully..he works so much and on top of that he shouts at me on top of his lungs with all of these things he must get tired!!

It was five am now he'll wake up sharp at six. I proceeded towards his room mentally praying that the door was not locked. I quietly turned the knob and yiiipppiiiieeeeee it was not locked!! For a good two seconds I jumped up and down and then I finally caught my breath. I went inside and smiled at his sleeping posture.

His hand was dangling down his bed, half of his lower body was on the right side of the bed. His mouth was open a bit. And damn!! I quickly closed my eyes. Holy shit!! He was not wearing his shirt!! How can he sleep without clothes?? Didn't he feel uncomfortable...

I quickly opened his closet and took out his suit and ironed it. Kept all his necessary things on the dressing table. I was quite sad when I came to his room yesterday in the afternoon to clean because he never wore that suit which I ironed it and didn't even ate his breakfast and coffee..he also left his lunch box. But never mind I'll also see that till how many days he ignores me!! I kept my right hand on my right waist and looked at him. Mr.Arhaan Sheikh whether you like it or not you've to deal with me!!

After doing all the things I went to kitchen and made breakfast and prepared his lunch box. I saw time it was ten past six he must have gotten up. I quickly made his coffee and reminded myself that whether he liked my face or not I will ask him about the address for grocery shopping and some money.

I went inside my room on time as I shut my room gate he opened his door. I sighed..well that was close!! Phewww. I opened my door and peeked to see what is he doing? It hurt to see him that today also he never wore that suit which I ironed for him and made himself a fresh cup of coffee.

I couldn't stand more. Why..why?? Why doesn't he eat my hand made cooked food. Everyday I made and everyday he didn't eat. Why?? Am I that bad cook??

It hurts to see him so distant from me from his own wife!! Ya Allah please now end all these hardships or give me Sabr so that I can easily stand through all these heartbreaks!!

I couldn't made myself to go down and ask about the grocery store. If I'll go down I'll clutch his collar and will make him answer all my questions. So I stayed inside. Soon I heard the main door being shut.

I went to the washroom. Washed my face and went down to clean. First I started with all his room then completed all the room. Cleaned the kitchen washed the dishes. Changed the cover of the sofa. Replaced the old dining mat with new one.

Yes I was tired. So I went near the pool and sat. And relaxed a bit. I didn't knew when I slept but when I woke I quickly made wudu and prayed zuhr namaz. Then I went and enjoyed myself in the pool. I wished he was here but no this will always be a dream only!!

I went to my room I was tired so I watched the T.V. Time passed so fast it was now Maghrib. I prayed. After I prayed I went to made dinner as usual. As I went into the kitchen I realised that we are running very short with the grocery. If I'll make food only one person can eat it. So by taking Allah's name I started preparing dinner for him mentally thinking that today he might eat..and if he didn't eat..I'll eat what's the big deal in it.

Soon it was his time to come home. I quickly went into my room and closed the door. I went and laid down in my bed waiting for him..but I don't know when sleep took over me.

Arhaan P.O.V
Today I had a very long and tiring day. I stretched as I stepped out of the car. Due to heavy work load I couldn't eat my dinner also...I was hungry.

I went inside and as usual everything was silent. She really listened to my order when I told her not to show her face to me anymore. I quickly went to my room and changed. Then I went to kitchen and started rummaging through the cupboards to eat something but in vain.

But then I saw food which was of course made by her as usual. I contemplated for a while to eat or not!! But then only my stomach grumbled loudly I didn't have any choice left. I warmed the food in the microwave and ate. As I took one bite I was shocked. It was actually delicious. The chicken was so yummy.

I just got dig in my food and ate hungrily. After such a long time I'm eating home cooked food. It's so yummy. For the first time I'm eating food made by her but I'm not complaining infact I'm loving it. stomach was full but I was craving for more. I quickly kept the dishes in the sink and went into my room.

As I laid down I realized that from so many days she's cooking and I'm not eating. She actually cooked the food well. Everything was just perfect. I suddenly started doubting that she didn't have one bad quality also. It's obvious that I don't eat the food which is made by her but still she always made my food and always kept it for me. Why's she keeping on trying!!

And then sleep took over me....

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