Chapter Thirty-Five: Mean Girls.

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Hey guys! 

FYI, in the thank you note, the updated chapter was the Marcus Taylor. 

Soooo, yeah. 


"-and then all the trainers came over and had to literally carry the walrus off of the window!" 

I burst out laughing, bending over slightly. Marcus is also in my English class and we spent the whole entire period talking, when we were supposed to be reviewing for the book report tomorrow. Marcus never liked me as more than a friend when he asked me out on the date. He was just messing with Alex and it worked! I can't believe Alex got so jealous when Marcus just asked me; wait till the actual date! 

"What's so funny?" A scowling Alex joined us. 

I smirked and gave Marcus a look. "Nothing, just an inside joke." 

This only caused Alex's scowled to deepen and he walked away, muttering to himself. Marcus and I high-fived, cheering. Despite only knowing each other for one day, Marcus and I had gotten really close. He was probably one of my best guy friends. 

Next to Alex. 

We all went to our lockers and when I had finished, I took out my phone and began scrolling through instagram while Kate finished up. Somebody walked past me. 

"Are you texting Marcus?" 

I looked up to find Alex walking away from me.

Maybe I had taken this a little too far. 

"Alex!" I called after him, running to catch up. He ignored me. "Do you want to come over today? We would watch a movie, relax." I suggested. 

"Why don't you invite Marcus?" He sneered. I sighed in frustration and grabbed Alex's hand. I pulled him out of the building and into the alleyway next to the school. 

"Alex, YOU are my best guy friend, okay? No one can ever replace you and your ego." I grabbed ahold of his shoulders, forcing him to look at me. 

A small smile spread across his features. "I am pretty awesome, aren't I?" 

I grinned back. "There's that obnoxious Alex I know and love." Alex tensed up when I said the word love, so I laughed it off, getting rid of the tension. 


"I think I'm going to take you up on that invite." He told me, as we began walking. I sent a quick text to Kate with an apology and an explanation for why I ditched her. Very quickly, we arrived home. I entered and threw my backpack on the floor, kicking off my shoes. I immediately headed to the kitchen, getting out a bag of popcorn and throwing it into the microwave. I turned to Alex, leaning on the counter behind me. 

"So, what happened today at lunch?" I asked with a smug smile. 

"Oh, um, it was nothing." 

"'I forbid you to go?'" 

"It was just a joke," he nervously chuckled, running a hand through this hair. 

BEEP. BEEP. The microwave interrupted our conversation and I got the popcorn out, pouring it into a bowl. We headed over the family room and collapsed on the couch. 

"What movie do you wanna watch?" I asked him. 

Alex shrugged. "Anything's fine." 


Well, in that case...

"Mean girls? You have GOT to be kidding me!" He groaned, closing his eyes and leaning his head back. 

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