Chapter 10

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I woke up in the middle of the night and thought I was waiting for him and how did I felt asleep. Anyways if I wait for him or not it doesn't affect him. I quickly went to the washroom and did my wudu. If I had gotten up so why not pray my tahajjud prayer.

After praying I went down because I was hungry I was thinking that food must be there because he never eats. As I switched on the lights the food was not there in the fridge and not on the counter also so where did it go? Thief?? Nah...then what?? I noticed that there were some dishes in the sink and his laptop bag was on the chair O.M.G that means Ya Allah he has ate for the first time!! I was so happy that I couldn't describe my emotions. I totally lost my appetite by seeing that he was full!!

I quickly ran to my room. I was already in my wudu and prayed nafl namaz thanking Allah for this miracle. I was so happy that I started crying after so much of trying at least he ate!! This was my first achievement. I thanked Allah.

After a while I prayed fajr I also went to him to wake him up. But as usual he didn't. So today also I went to his room and did all the work and left him a note saying I need some money to buy grocery..we are running very short of it. So please give me some money and also please tell me the address of the store on his bedside table.

I made him his breakfast and everything that I do in the morning. After finishing it I went into my room. After a while he came and as usual he just did what he does and slam the door shut!!!

After doing the house chores I went to his room for cleaning..where I saw under the note money which I had left in the morning. But he hasn't written the address. Ya Rab how will I go now?? I don't have the address..neither I know this place nor I know the way. Since last month after my wedding I hadn't gone out. Ya Allah please help me.

I cleaned all the things. God I was tired. I quickly got freshen up and prayed. After praying it was already four pm. I got out of the door and locked the main door. Now where to go. Left or right??? I took the right path...after walking for a while I was still roaming. After sometime I saw a very cute and cozy cafe..I went inside. Yes I was right it was very cozy. Lights were dim and the atmosphere was just perfect. One day I'll bring him. Do you think he will come with you..he hasn't taken you out from the last month and he'll come with you...Yeah right! Now my conscience was taunting me. Huff!!

"Hello's pleasure to meet you" An old lady came from inside. By seeing her I remembered mom. Something just churned in my heart!!! I quickly distracted myself by asking her " do you know my last name??" Very politely.

She laughed.."my child who will not know you?? We all have seen your pictures with Mr.Khan when you both were walking out of the airport" she said. Ahh..!! How did I forget that...I smiled at her. "But my child what are you doing here??" She asked raising her eyebrows.
I thought for a while and then answered her"actually aunty I was looking for a grocery store..I need to pick up some grocery" I told her.

She was looking at me from top to bottom..weird but then I thought she might be thinking that I being Mrs.Khan was on the streets to pick up grocery!! How unrealistic...but only she knows that this Mrs.Khan is just a maid...sighs!!
"Umm..he was busy with his know due to wedding he couldn't gave time so now he's giving full time to business..and I didn't wanted to take car because I wanted to explore this new city." I told her quickly. She seemed satisfied and I left the breath which I was holding due to tension.

"Ohh..don't call me aunty..just Margarita..." She told me. After that she gave me the address and I went towards my destiny. After shopping for continuously four hours which of coarse I didn't knew...I came to knew the time when I was at the billing counter. You must be wondering how I am here in the local grocery store and shopping so easily...well yes because I wore niqab which I always carry in my purse for just in case but I'm not a niqabi In Sha Allah someday I will!! See..I'm not that dumb. So here nobody knows that who I am.

Well I lost my way...yes I lost my way...see I told you that I'm dumb!! I was wondering in so many streets that I can't see one vehicle also..and If I hire a cab or bus what will I told them?? I'm whatever will happen happen I'll search for cab. Soon it started raining..Gosh! Why does it rain so much here!!

As I was walking I saw some guys were following me I started running faster they were just behind me. Ya Allah please me. Please come and save me and take me home safely Arhaan. Please.

Arhaan POV
Today I had not that much work and Laiba was busy with her reletives and Rehan was stuck in the meeting so not having any choices left I had to go home.

It's been three hours since I had came home. Where is she?? I looked in her room and everywhere but she's not in the home. I asked guards they said she went out in the evening. She might have gone for grocery shopping but Oh Shit!! I never gave her the address so where is she now?? I don't know why but I felt protective, possessive..I quickly went out of the house for searching her.

It was raining very heavily and I don't know where is she? Darn!! She had left her cell in the home only. How could she be so stupid. But I didn't have her number so what I could have traced her down...Damn!! Why was I talking with myself?? After driving for two continuously hours...yes two freaking hours..I turned towards the lane. Due to rain I couldn't see anything but I could only make out that some guys were trying to do something.

I stepped out of the car and then I saw that a helpless girl as I took steps forward I saw her clothes were torn, her hand were bleeding and she can't even walk properly and she was shouting for help...wait that voice. I have heard this voice somewhere..meanwhile she shouted Mahira...this voice belongs to her...and I started running in full pace.

I quickly went to her and held her first she was shocked but before she can say anything a guy came "hey dude do you also wanna enjoy with us!! Come we'll have fun altogether" he said. How dare he?? This was it and I lost temper I punched him so hard that he was completely knocked out!! I punched the other guy also he also felled down..and the rest three of them just ran away.

I turned back to see that she was sitting on the floor and was crying hysterically. I felt guilty for my behavior. She is new to this city. I should have told her the address or should have told her to take the car. With lots of courage I went towards her. Her hijab was also torn a bit, her clothes were also torn from some parts, her hand was also bleeding Oh God!!

"Mahira" I spoke. She looked at me and then hugged me very tightly and for a second I was actually shocked but then hugged her. She was holding me so tightly as if I'm her only savior whom she can trust. I hugged her back tightly and covered her with my jacket.

"Mahira I'm here shhh..." I was calming her and for a second she calmed down. I don't know why but I felt a sudden kind of warmth which I've never felt with Laiba. And before I can think anything else I just shut down all my thoughts and let this warmth take over me.

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