The Sound of An Angel

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Because Camila is deaf, I made sign language in italic but still as a conversation, I hope you won't get confused and I hope you like it. ps I found the sugestion on 5hff :)

It wasn't the first time Normani was left on her own, her best friend going to visit her family in Cuba, however it was one of the most painful times. When the two of them were goofing around the house they managed to break the vase. For had it been any vase, Normani would be fine, but this was not any vase. This was her mother's favorite vase.

So, while her best friend was probably having the time of her life in Cuba, Normani was stuck in her room, grounded until her mother decides to let her off the hook. Which honestly depends on how much Normani helps around the house.

Although the dark skinned girl is grounded she isn't really doing much. She binge watched Sense 8 and The Orphan Black, and she is currently on season 2 of Chicago Fire, slowly falling in love with Peter Mills.

She's currently in the middle of episode 14, watching as Kelly Severide is searching for his half-sister when she hears a knock on her door. She pauses the show and yells at the person on the other side to come in.

"Honey, I need you to bring the welcome to the neighborhood basket to the family across the street."

"I thought I'm grounded."

"Take the basket Normani. And be nice."

"Fine." Normani groans and gets up.

Once she gets downstairs she takes a look into the basket and there she finds some cookies, homemade lemonade and a few other things.

Head held high Normani walks over to the house across the street and finds a cute boy, about her age.

"Hey, I'm Normani, I'm from the house across the street, um my mom is sending you welcome to the neighborhood basket or something."

"Thanks, I'm Chris by the way."

"And you can do much better than him." A husky voice says from the house and when Normani turns around she sees a pale girl with black hair and green eyes

"I um, I wasn't hitting on him." Normani clarifies.

"Good, he's a fuckboy."

"Lauren, can you stop? You're making me look bad."

"You are bad. Anyway, I'm Lauren, nice to meet you...?"


"Cool name." Lauren smiles.


"You're welcome, wanna come in? My room is still a mess of unpacked boxes but I'm sure there's a place to sit."

"Sure." Normani replies, it's not like there's much she can do anyway.

For the next few hours Normani spends her time with Lauren and her little sister, Taylor. She finds out that Lauren and her are only a few months apart and that Lauren will be going to her high school, so she offers to be her ride.

Somehow, as if Lauren Jauregui is a miracle worker Normani got off the hook, but only to spend her time with Lauren.

Normani didn't mind though because Lauren is a pretty chill person and Normani found herself having fun with the green eyed girl.

During the following week they barely spent their time apart. They mostly spent their mornings going out for a run around the neighborhood, Normani showing Lauren around the city and taking her to her favorite beach.

"So, school starts next week, are there any hot guys there?" Lauren asks as the two of them are chilling in Normani's back yard.

"A few guys from football team, a couple from the basketball team and there's one cute guy in glee club, if you're into geeks."

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