Chapter Twenty-Six - The Break

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Sophia's trainings on putting up a barrier in my mind were much better than the other ones I've had. For one, she was actually patient and gave me time to try to learn how to do it instead of insulting me when I couldn't figure it out. Within a few days I was able to put up that block, keeping it up with little to no thought of constantly maintaining it, and there has been no additional word from Katherine in return. It was like breathing, something so basic and simple that it required no additional energy or power to keep it up.

            And today would be a good day. Why? It was one of our day offs, giving me an entire day free of fighting, getting hurt, and having to use any powers whatsoever. I planned to sleep in and only get up for the bathroom and when I would eventually need to eat. Alex had already picked Claire up for some date, or whatever else people in relationships do together, so I had the entire room to myself.

            Well, until the devil himself ruined it.

            "Hey, Princess!" Cole announced as he let himself into my room and turned on the light.

Groaning at the sudden brightness, I threw a pillow over my head and then asked, "How did you get in here?"

"I stole Alex's key so I could get your little butt up for a day off!" He chirped and I heard him open up the blinds.

"And why does Alex have a key for here?"

"When you weren't here and Claire didn't have a roommate, he would sneak in at night and--"

"Enough!" I interrupted him, sitting up down and squinting as the sun hit my eyes. He was perched at the end of my bed in a position that would only mean that he was preparing to jump on me. He gave me a sheepish grin and sat down next to me, trying to seem innocent. "It's like nine in the morning, why are you even here?"

He gave me a weird look. "First of all, it's noon." I shrugged, completely indifferent about that. I wasn't Leona or any of the other Earths who wake up at the crack of dawn. "Second of all, aren't I allowed to want to see you and possibly even hang out?"

"And do what?"


I groaned again and threw myself back against my bed. "Seriously?" I asked, bewildered that he even wanted to do such a thing. "You want to train on our day off?"

He rubbed at the back of his neck. "Well... There's some stuff that I just can't seem to get and would like your help with practicing them."

"I don't want to get burned."

"Do you really think I'd do that?"

I blinked at him. "Yes?"

"I wouldn't," he put, crossing his arms over his chest. "Now I'm not taking no for an answer. Get dressed and if you're a good sport today, we can go to the lake after."

I have to admit that that seemed fun. We haven't been there in a while mostly because we're just all too busy with training, Big Six stuff, Mackenzie, and other things. I reluctantly agreed and tossed on some light clothing that could easily be shed to go swimming in and after doing basic bathroom necessities, the two of us were off.

As Cole led the way, the wandering Supernaturals also taking advantage of their day off would peek at us, some whispering to their friends unknown words as they watched us pass. While I wish I would say that I was used to it, I wasn't. Wearing the shirt that I was now, most of my Marking was clearly visible. However, Cole's was as well.

We finally made it out of the groups of people and headed into the forest. 

            "Is this where you kill me?" I joked and Cole turned around to show that he was rolling his eyes at me.

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