Chapter 11

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I was still hugging her...neither she nor I wanted to sperate..but it was raining heavily. We had to go home. I pulled back first and she was still hugging me from the side. I took her to the car made her sit on the passenger seat. Buckled her seatbelt...and went to drive.

She was going on crying and crying. Uff..these girls!! I know I made a mistake but nothing has happened na I hope so!! But no she's crying!!!

I tried to talk to her but no response. I thought I should give her some alone time. So I drive as fast as I can. After reaching home she quickly went inside and went to her room and started crying. I went inside her room for the first time and everything was in place not like mine!!

She was lying flat on her stomach on the bed..clutching the sheets tightly. I really felt very much guilty for her. I took steps closer to her. "Mahira please stop crying..everything is fine you are safe" I tried to calm her. I was continuously patting her head. Damn!! I don't know why but its hurting me to see her like this.

I made her sit on the bed and gave her a glass of water. I couldn't see anything..but what if they?? know Mahira...I should ask her. "Umm..Mahira I...i..ummm...I wanted to know if anything happened before I came?? I mean we could always go to the doc for checkup!!..I mean are you alright na??" I asked by raising my eyebrows.

She was totally shocked by my question. Her eyes were red from crying. She was sniffing away. Her dress was torn from some parts and her hijab also. She was looking at me with pure rage and fury..ow..o..oo..oo.. I mentally face palmed myself!!

"Mr.Arhaan would hurt you to know that I'm still pure...and I very well know how to protect my chastity!! I would die rather than giving myself to anyone!! How dare you to question this to me??" She shouted at me. For the first time I've seen her this side.

"Listen Mahira you're taking all this in a wrong sense" I tried to explain her.

"Yeah I'm trying to take in a wrong you have any idea how I would have felt at that time or what was I going through that time...but out of all that you remembered this very question to ask...isn't that just great!!" She was now standing and glaring at me.

"Listen might just consider me your MAID?? But let me tell Maids are also human they have also some dignity!! I'm not like those girls who'll do anything. If I was amongst them then you wouldn't have been sleeping in your room!!" She spatted. This made me shock as well!! this girl also knows how to seduce!!

"Mahira please what are you saying?? You're not in your correct mind?" I told her.

"Yeah right I'm not in my mind because you're always in my mind. No matter how much I try to kick you out of my mind you're still there. No matter how much you shout at me I just cannot take that why you always get angry at me. If you think that I've agreed to marry you by my its utterly wrong. I was forced in this marriage but still I'm trying to make it upto you..but just have to show me you're arrogance. You're so pathetic that you didn't have the courtesy to even tell me the address of the're so inhuman!! You knew very well that I'm new to this city..and you just didn't even let me take the car with me?? You're a very bad're heart is made of stone...atleast this kind of treatment we didn't even do with our Maids but you just crossed your limits!! I'm your wife Arhaan..when will you understand this?? Why are you doing this to me?? Please stop hurting me!! I was so damn helpless at that time. They were vigorously trying to touching me here and you have any idea how badly I wanted to be home at that time?? But no...instead of asking how am i feeling or what exactly happened you asked about my virginity!! If you really aren't that satisfied then check it by yourself." She was shouting away and started fiddling with the zip of her dress...

"No no no...stop Mahira...geez how can you think that I'll step so low..." I was telling her but she wasn't listening to me..she was continuously trying to unzip her. Then I just hugged her very tightly with all my strength. I badly wanted to kiss her but I refrained myself from doing that because I knew she was mentally disturbed and when she will realized she'll be hurt.

She was sobbing away...I was continuously calming her. I made her sit on the bed. "I'm sorry I shouldn't have done that or shouldn't have asked you that it just came in my mind and before I can think I asked you" I told her and I mean it no matter how much I hate her but at the end she's a girl and I'll never want that something bad happen. What shocked me the most was her answer.

"Its okay...and you're my husband you've got the full right to say or ask anything to me...and I'm sorry I shouldn't have shouted on you just like that" She said. I was shocked!! But what caught my attention was the blood!! Her arms were bleeding..she was still wearing my jacket.

I started removing jacket from her. She stopped me from doing so but I was in no mood to argue so she kept quiet and let me do. As I removed the jacket I saw her dress was torn from up. I could see the step of her... I quickly turned and now my back was facing her.

"Mahira I think you should change first and then I will clean your wounds." I told her. I think she understood because the next thing I heard was slamming the door shut. My My!! She's just doing my way...

After a while she cam out all dress and clean. I was waiting for her with the first aid. She sat quietly beside me. I started cleaning her wounds and applying the ointment.

"I'm sorry I wasted your money because I left those grocery bags on the road only and ran. I don't know if they will still be there or not" She said. By the look I could understand how sorry she was feeling. But I was spellbound. This girl here sitting beside me was sad because my money got wasted on that grocery!! Is she for real?? I had wasted so more money in all useless things and had never thought about it and here she was stuck with those guys God knows what would have happened but she was sorry for those grocery bags??? Unbelievable.

"Mahira...please just rest. And don't think about anything. Just try to sleep...and I don't care about money. God has blessed me with so much...that those dollars are nothing infront of you. You're safe and sound that's all matters!!" I told her and tucked her inside the blanket!!

And I just sat beside her staring her. One of the most beautiful sight up til now. What am I saying?? I was about to stand and go..but she just held my hand and I just couldn't was like my legs wanted to move but my heart was froze and my brain stopped working.

I just...went near her and kissed her on the forehead and caressed her face with my knuckles. And I don't know when, how or who pulled because the next thing I knew I was on top of her hugging her. And I just felt peace with her.

I was now beside her her head resting on my hand she was quietly staring me..oh!! How I wanted to kiss her right now...!! She just came near and I could feel her breath and she just kissed me for a good second on my Cheeks!! And then hid her face under the blanket.

This made me chuckle. But I'll never forget how my heart was beating. I hugged her once again.

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