Chapter Twenty Two - Part Two: Rescue Mission

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 Here is the next part. Enjoy!



Jebidiah POV


I heard their footsteps running after me but they never stopped laughing as Zero threw profanities at all of them – except Krista. I turned around glaring daggers at them and they finally shut up looking terrified. Good! I was at the brink of murdering someone.

“Where is it?” I asked Vates who was looking anywhere but at me.

 “About ten minutes away from here but that’s the weird part. I try looking for a vision for the first time and I was able to see the place but no entrance. There is some cave like thing ten minutes north of here.” She pointed in front of us.

“We are close then, so why isn’t he sending his minions to attack us?” Dean asked.

I thought about it and it hit me…”because he doesn’t see us as threats. If Arion is right, then all those lycans that attacked us were all him. This guy is strong. If he can make multiple copies of himself then none of us stand a chance!”

“We need a plan, a smart one before we get any closer to his lair – any ideas?” Vates asked. 

“So far our biggest obstacle is Dahaka’s projection of himself. If we can get him to somehow fight us on his own, we –”

“Still won’t stand a chance.” Vates spoke cutting Zero off. We all stared at her in disbelief. She wasn’t really helping with the motivation factor.

“We need to fight him out here and not his lair. If he’s out in the forest, we can use the open area to our advantage to distract him while someone rescues Primula –”

“I will do that part.” I volunteered, interrupting Arion.

“Someone else should do it. You look like you will collapse soon.” Dean said with a worried look on his face.

“No, I think Jay should go,” my uncle disagreed before I could argue. “Here’s the plan so listen up. Jay will sneak into Dahaka’s lair but it is our job to make sure he’s not there. We need to get him angry so he can come out. If he does come out, do NOT even attempt fighting him because you will lose. The moment you see him run like you’ve never ran before. From what we saw he’s fast so be strategic about where you run of to – any questions?”

“How will we distract him?” Dean asked. That was a good question. How do we get Dahaka to come out?

“We make him angry. So get rocks, sticks, tree branches and anything you can find. We are going to vandalize his hide out.” Arion said.

“Are you sure that will work?” Krista asked skeptically.

“It will definitely work. He took crap from people for years; I’m guessing his days of doing that are over. So when we vandalize his lair, he will want to show us he’s boss." Zero smiled kissing her forehead. I was really happy for her; now she can finally settle down and be a little happy. She looked less depress since she found Zero.

After that we all discussed the plan further hoping and praying everything work out okay. Vates, who looked scared and hopeless, led us to his hide out. After a few minutes, we were standing in front a cave buried with trees. I could see how we missed it. We had to take lots of twist and turns to get there. Also, the rotten stench we smelt on the fake trail was faint but not as revolting as the previous.

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