Chapter Twenty Three: Awakening of the Alpha

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I told you all I would post another chapter! I kinda got carried away with the action but… enjoy!

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Jebidiah POV

I pushed Primula behind me, standing in front of her as we waited for what was coming. He stepped into the torture chamber, and stopped gazing at us with rage on his face. We locked gazed, as he studied my position in front of Primula. I studied his profile; he was huge, bigger than my uncle Michelangelo, both human and wolf form. His dark wolf body had somehow merged into the shape of a man/wolf allowing him to stand on his hind legs with his long tail hanging behind him.

He opened his mouth, razor sharp teeth showing as he growled in anger. I growled too, my alpha blood accepting his challenged. I attempted to shift into my wolf form but before I could even move a muscle, I was sent flying against a table away from Primula. I crashed landed, feeling some of my ribs snapping.

“Jebidiah,” Primula cried, watching me with tears in her eyes.

She ran to me but before she could reach me, he was there holding me by the neck. He threw me again and I landed on the wall feeling something else break. I could hear Primula screaming for him stop but he seem to enjoy kicking me around. He had no intention of killing me just yet – I could tell he wanted to torture me. But he was going overboard almost like he was trying to impress someone.  My suspicion was confirmed when he grabbed me by the throat and dangle me in the air showing me to a hysterical Primula was shouting for him to leave me and take her instead.

“This is what you want for a mate?” he snarled. “I am stronger,” he bragged throwing me again, my head hitting the wall. I held my hand to the side of my head feeling warm liquid gushing down; it was bleeding. I was tired, I just wanted to lie down and sleep forever but I couldn’t do that to Primula. I failed her so many times, I was not about to add more to it.

Primula ran to me, and he let her. She knelt in front of me, tears rolling down her cheek as she called my name begging me to open my eyes. I was slowly losing consciousness.

“Let me end him.” I head Dahaka spoke.

“Let him go and I promise I will be your mate.” Primula begged him and I snapped back to reality.

“No!” I growled at her in raged. How dare she suggest that? I was not about to give my mate up to some psychopath to save my own skin. My life meant nothing, but hers was priceless.

“I kill him and then we become mates.” Dahaka said stalking towards us. Primula knelt in front of me blocking him from me. He tried to pull her away but she scream at him. “Touch me and you know what would happen. This time the electricity would fry your brain.”

He stopped drawing his hands back. So he couldn’t touch her either? I was at least comforted knowing she would be okay when I do die. But I couldn’t die here; I had to get her out first because I don’t know how long her protection would last. Plus there were other ways of going around it.

She turned to me asking if I was okay or hurt anywhere completely ignoring him. This seem to enrage him even further because he grabbed her by the shirt and threw her against the table and then kicked me sending me flying again. This time I knew he had every intention of killing me and making sure it hurt.

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