Chapter 14

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This chapter is dedicated to @hajrah99...I promised you that within two days I'll update and here it is... I hope I had kept my promise??

Arhaan POV
"Come on baby we'll get late...lets go..flight is on time." I was calling my Laiba for the fifth time and still she's not ready. What is it with girls and dressing up??

I still remember how excited my baby was when I gave her a surprise by showing at her footsteps and told her about our Hong Kong trip. She was so happy...

We had so much fun over here...Laiba was actually right we hadn't exactly spend time with each other since my wedding. Aah...why I had to remember that?? I very much enjoyed this vacation but can't forget Rehan words.

He called me and asked me about where am I?? I told him and then he told me that over there Mahira was crying and was worried sick for which I don't give a damn!! Who has told her to cry for me or get's her fault if she wants to be that way.

After talking to Rehan no matter how much I tried but I couldn't shut her down. I felt very uneasy what if really she's worried?? In these one month I've tried not to contact her because somehow or the other I wanted to call her by any excuse and listen to her voice. Is she seriously worried??

No matter how much I try I'm not able to shut her down...she's opening the gates...which I'll never this time I had to throw my best card..and I know exactly what I had to do...*evil smile*

"Baby I'm ready..lets go" Laiba came and gave me a kiss...uff..I can never get enough of her!!

And we that we both bid adieu to Hong Kong and welcome New York.

Mahira POV
It's been full one month and neither he came nor he called me. I usually did all my house chores and just loiter around. I was feeling so damn disgusted with my life...I had my degree and still I couldn't do anything with it.

I just don't understand why am I expecting him to think about Us...when there will certainly be no US. I let him hurt myself every time and everyday..

I only know how much I had missed him all this one month. Soon my thoughts was interrupted by my cell blaring away.
It was Sani calling.

" are you?" I said.

"Walekumasalam...and listen stop with all of these formalities and you I'm damn angry with you. How dare forget as in Sanya Abdullah??" She was being way more dramatic now.

"Who said I forget you?? I never forget you..." I replied

"That is why I never got a single call or text from you?? Right??" She was very angry. And I know I should have called her but I got so much stuck in my life that I just didn't thought about others.

"Okay okay...I know my fault. I'm sorry" I told her sincerely.

"Okay I forgave you but only for this won't be accepted next time" she said.


"So how's jijz??" She asked.

This question hit me like a needle...because I myself don't know how is he?? I don't know but I started crying because I was missing him..I had never ever been alone for such a long time and on top of that I had nothing to do to divert my attention.

"Hey Mahira what happened?? Why are you crying please tell me everything...I'm worried" she asked

And then I told her everything from starting to uptil now. And for the first time after months I felt relieved as if a heavy burden has been lifted from my heart. I felt at peace.

"That prick....he has the audacity to do this?? I tell should file a case against him or you should tell his parents....I swear if I come over there and see him he'll not be alive..." Sani was continuously threatening him.

"listen..calm down...I love him" I confessed to Sani.

She was quiet for good five minutes.

"Yeah...yipiieee...yahoooo...." She was shouting now on top of her lungs. Isn't she bipolar??

"Our sweet little innocent baby is in love....awww...isn't this a breaking news..." She was making me now uncomfortable.

"Shut up" I scolded her.

"Someone is blushing..." Oh God! Why me????

"Achha leave all this aside...does he knows??" She asked

"Sani we don't even talk to each other and your asking me this. And I don't have any plan in telling him...and dare you say anything to anyone...not even to my parents. Only you and Rehan knows about all this." I told her

"What Rehan knows that you love him...means I'm the last person to know" Oh God.......

"Saniiiiiiiiiii......." I shouted. She was giggling away.

"Okay..I was just joking. Don't worry In Sha Allah..he will soon come to his senses..if not then what am I for??" I know she must be wiggling her eyebrows.

"In Sha Allah...okay chalo we'll talk later...Assalamualaikum" and with that I ended the call.

After that I prayed my namaz. Cooked food..ate lonely and in silence...which always make me cry. I always think while I'm eating alone..that am I so bad that I deserved to be there's no one with whom I can talk...or I can go out because guards will not allow me. He had freaking told them that no matter what happened I shouldn't be allowed to leave the house.

If I need anything then I should ask the guards. Or unless it's emergency..then only guards will inform him and after he gives permission then only I'm allowed to leave. I feel like a prisoner.

After eating I did my dishes..and was about to go in my room. When I heard the doorbell. I suddenly felt limp. As if some one has sucked out air from my body. What if He's here???

This mere thought only brought a smile on my face..and without thinking twice I ran towards the main door. I opened and was happy to see him. God he hasn't changed. But he was looking more handsome than before...Masha Allah. I know I was openly staring at him...but who cares...I was seeing him after one long month!!

"Baby...lets go inside..." A girl said from behind. I was shocked.

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