Chapter 15

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"Who the hell is she??? And why the hell is she calling you baby???" I asked him gritting my teeth. I was so damn angry that my nostrils must be flaring and if smoke could come out...I'm sure this house must be full of smoke now.

He didn't answer me instead he just went to his room...and that bitch followed him. How dare she?? Deep down I know what will I hear...but I was not yet ready to accept it. How could he?? If he really loved that shit this much that he can bring her in the house then why the hell did he marry me??

I was waiting downstairs..when I heard her giggle...she was coming downstairs. Oh! How I wish that suddenly she fell from the stairs. He saw me by giving her daggers from my stare and he smirked...I really wanted to wipe off that smirk.. He's really enjoying this?? Didn't he???

As she was walking I purposely pushed her and stepped on her foot. She this was way too much...I didn't even stepped that hard.

"Oh I'm so sorry I never saw you in my way" I acted all sweet and innocent and I was even battling my eyelashes. Wah!! Way to go Mahira...yeahhh conscience was doing my head!! O balle,,O balle,,O balle....

"You dare you...I know you did it can you not see me?? Are you blind?? And plus you purposely came on my way" she was shouting and she was about to slap me...but I instantly caught her hand and twisted her hand very return she was shouting..God what's wrong with this girl and shouting every now and then?

"Listen you piece of scumbag don't you dare raise your hand or your voice at me...and yes I never saw you because I was busy looking at my handsome husband who came after one month..and I'm not interested if anyone comes on my way while I'm with my husband and I really don't notice little dirt's that comes on my way now and then. They are just invisible to me" I taunt her and left her hand. I washed off imaginary dirt from my hand and stood beside him with pride and dignity.

He was looking at me in such a way as if someone has seen the ghost or his favorite team had lost the football match this made me smile inwardly. Even I'm shocked at my current outburst. I never knew that I can be so blunt. It seems that uptil now no one has ever messed with me or anything that belongs to me. And Arhaan belongs to me. He's mine and I'll do anything to make him realize my worth.

" don't know..what you've gotten yourself into..I'll show your right place" I never let her finish her sentence.

I evil laugh... "Your so foolish, Oh my Allah!! ahh..what's your name..let it be..I don't give a damn whoever you are..your kind of dirty winds always blow and blow past but never destroys which are bonded from the roots. And yes you were talking about my right place..well see yourself're standing there alone and I'm standing right beside my husband so I guess I've made myself clear. Now please I want to spend some cozy time with my hubby..Assalamualaikum" I clutched his hand from his elbow and held him tight.

She left and I sighed...a very long sigh.. I was so damn angry...that I literally wanted to hold her hair and punch her. Or play basket ball by making her ball and throwing her in the basket from which she can never come out. I closed the main door shut. And I turned towards him.

He was frozen at his spot. As if someone was playing statue statue with him. He wasn't even blinking. God now he's getting on my nerves!! "What" I crossed my hand over my chest and yelled. He quickly regain his posture and went up to his room. Mr.Arhaan I'm not letting you go away this early. You have to answer my questions first!! I ran upstairs.

I opened his room door. "What was that?? How could you bring her here?? Who the hell was she??" I asked. He looked at me and without even giving me answer he was going to the washroom.

This made me more angry. I went and made him turned towards him and caught him from collar. "Answer me dammit" I shouted.

He flinched my hand away. " you really want to know then listen" he caught me by my hair and pulled me very close to him. I could feel his breath...God how can he smell so good. I saw his eyes going soft and something flicker but it quickly changed and was black now. I was feeling very hot suddenly. And Oh! The currents were flowing all over my body.

We were staring each other...until he spoke. "She's Laiba Shaqil the love of my life.. I wanted to marry her and I will marry her...with you in or out of picture.." He spat on my face.

I was shocked. But I quickly regain my posture. " I'll never let that happen" I told him with equal determination.

"Ohh..we'll see"

"Yes...and Arhaan don't just test my patience because when I'll lose my patience then I also don't know what will happen..I'm trying here to save our marriage. No matter how much you humiliate me or do whatever you feel like..but I only abide by that just because you're my husband and I can never disobey you how much you do bad to me and just don't take this for granted..but I'll never accept sharing you with someone. And you can't marry her without my consent. Arhaan I can only take it that much..but I can never imagine you in any other woman's arms..I'll try my best to guide you until you see what is right and wrong and I'll pray to God to show you the right path. But never do anything that will break me or crush my soul..because I myself don't know what the consequences will be." I told him.

I was shocked that he was actually listening to my blabbering. I sighed and went to my room. It was isha time I quickly did my ablution and prayed. I was even shocked with myself that how I behaved with her. I made my dua and asked Allah to forgive me for what I had done and how I behaved with her. It sure hurted her like it would have hurted me if someone would have behaved with me like that. I started crying...I asked help from Allah to show me the light and give me the strength to fight for my love, husband, my marriage I can not let satan carry away my husband with bad influence. Please Allah make him realize that I'm his WIFE. Aameen.

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